Wednesday, January 3

100 Posts!

New Jax Witty has made it to 100 posts, give or take. Some are drafts or unpublished, but the idea is that it's roughly 100. No, you don't get a prize. Maybe a virtual high-five.

Who Needs A Co-Writer or Editor?

I don't love getting paid per hour for editing. I have more fun co-writing something, or just writing side-by-side with someone else who's creative. Currently, I'm taking up another songwriting challenge, trying to get some lyrics down for a friend to make a demo in a week. It's an assignment, but not one where I get fired if I fail. I think that most of the creative types in Jacksonville would want this kind of challenge, and I'm looking for the right people to work with, but I can also give you some advice if you want to search for a partner of your own.

Snow, Freezing Rain In Jax

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Jacksonville is not immune to snow. It can happen, just like direct-hit hurricanes. But snow is rare. At least that's what everyone told us when we were considering a move here. Sure, you get some hurricane effects (rain) and the daily thunderstorm in the summer (more rain), but snow is once a lifetime or so, right? Let's take a look at Wikipedia to see:

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