Sunday, April 1

Sumo Easter Celebration at East Pointe Church

I was driving with my family on Kernan on Easter Sunday after a walk in the park when I saw a police cruiser near the East Pointe Church. I figured the church was having some kind of afternoon Easter service and the cops were there for traffic control. The police force is used for church and school egress basically every day along Kernan, so it wasn't a surprise. However, a man wearing what appeared to be a sumo Mawashi was lying face down on a walkway near the church, so it didn't appear to be a normal Easter service. 

Cradle Creek Preserve, Eagles, and an iPhone

If you're looking for a quick hike through wild Florida close to Jacksonville, there are actually plenty of options. Cradle Creek Preserve is one opportunity you might want to try. It's similar to Castaway Island Preserve on the other side of the Intracoastal, just smaller.

Profiles in Courage: Corey Simma

corey simma is cool
I saw Corey's first weather broadcast back in December of 2017. He seemed to be just a little nervous, but I couldn't blame him for that. I would have been nervous, too, moving from Amarillo, TX, (ranked 131 in market size) to Jax and our ranking of 42. Sure, it's just a studio with a few cameras, but all those people watching probably gets heavy. Even on a weekend evening.

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