Thursday, September 20

I Would Not Want a Murder Memorial On My Property

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A recent news story presented the story of a memorial that had been set up for a murder victim where he was shot. The memorial was next to a sewer grate, so the parents of the victim assumed it was city land. And maybe the city does own the land down by the street. Still, I wouldn't want a murder victim memorial out by my mailbox. While the news seemed to want to show the emotional parents' view of the situation, let's think about the property owner for a second, even if it's technically city land.

Nude Gardening?

nude gardening
I saw a news story about a Florida nude gardener, and it got me to wondering. Apparently, gardening or just standing around in the nude is legal on one's own property, at least in the (I assume) Central Florida town. But is it legal in all of Florida, including Duval? It sounds like a nudist can literally hang out in his own yard, as long as there's nothing lewd happening. I guess some people, like my wife, believe being naked in your yard is perverted. I want to have an open mind, but this is one where I'm glad it's not my neighbor.

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