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Welcome to our website! Our goal at New Jax Witty is to provide articles of interest to people in Jacksonville, Florida. However, we are writing from a Midwestern perspective, having lived in Milwaukee, WI, and Lenexa (KC), Kansas. Having traveled to 46 of the lower 48 states also plays a role in how we see JAX. We'll add some reviews, advice, and legitimate research to go along with some back-handed comments. Think of us as Jacksonville's mother-in-law. This should be fun.

Some of you might be wondering why you should bother with a local blog. Well, local blogs get hits. This website averages over 1,000   10,000! pageviews a month. Sometimes, that's because of one popular article, but the goal in my writing is to create authoritative articles about Jacksonville that will continue to get hits even after most news stories are no longer relevant. Since people read this, it's relevant, like t-shirts on large-busted women. And like those women, I take my responsibility seriously.

For example, I wrote a story about Fort Caroline that will get hits for the next 500 years because the subject matter is historical. Or, maybe an article about Jacksonville's bridges. You'll find some articles that are supposed to be funny but also thought-provoking, like the one about renting me. Some of the articles are political satire, but most of them are just my observations of Jacksonville.

I have a background in urban planning, so I'll talk about that kind of stuff, too. I also like to watch the local news, so be careful if you're on TV and I see you. Since this is Jacksonville, I talk about crime statistics. Or maybe even the lighter side of crime.

Once in a while, it all comes together in one magnificent post about Jacksonville.

Mainly, you'll just have to search around a bit. This website is a Blogger site, so it's not nearly as cool as the ones I design for a living, but it works so that I can post my thoughts whenever I want without having to worry about website design.

If you like politics, I feel sorry for you, but my classic political article is this one about Bax to the Max and his awkward ad. It's still a good article even after Mr. Troutman took the referenced video down because he was sad about losing (and probably sad about the article).

I'll put it this way: if you hate my writing after two or three articles, please feel free to read the local newspaper or a James Patterson novel. If you like my writing, then you really should keep reading, share the links with friends, and be thankful I ended up in Jacksonville for your entertainment.

  • If you're looking for a little more of what I've written, there's always my official family blog at SatisFamily. Check out our latest Christmas letter
  • McNewsy was supposed to house all of my writing, but I've used it for the more controversial items, sometimes titillating, like this one about a meteorologist named Arielle
  • SitcomLifeLessons.com was this great idea of talking about how sitcoms have affected our lives.  
  • VoucherSchool.com talks about whether or not we should use vouchers in schools. School choice by another name. 
  • If you're looking for Chromebook cases or covers, I have you covered there, too. 
  • Wild West Allis is a website dedicated to West Allis, Wisconsin. My friend and I are writing a series of stories about the odd little city that is, in some ways, like Jacksonville. 

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