Monday, January 29

Sunday Funday Sounds Like Fun

I guess I should have expected something like this existed around here, but it was still surprising to hear about it. Sunday Funday. It's not hanging out with friends watching the big game or going to the beach. According to an interview on the news after an unfortunate injury, Sunday Funday is going to church, riding motorcycles, and shooting guns. A recent Sunday's shooting fun resulted in several homes and a person getting shot. Fun.

Sunday, January 28

Ollie's And The $50 Floor Repair: DIY Vinyl Flooring

When I as looking for houses in Jacksonville, I mentioned to my realtor that people here didn't seem to understand the simple formula I'd learned about selling a house. I've sold two houses that have increased in value by a lot. Both of those houses sold because of flooring, lighting, and paint. We're talking 10% increase in value per year for each house. Today, I'm going to show you how to increase the value of your home by  $2,000 to $5,000 for $50.

Arlington Country Day School Closed: Options?

If you're reading this Sunday night before your kids need to attend a new school because Arlington Country Day School closed last week, I feel for you. You weren't expecting to have to deal with this, and it's not your fault this happened. What are your options now? Let me tell you about Grace Lutheran in Arlington, just 15 minutes east of ACDS.

Wednesday, January 24

Franz Foreign Car Service Review

If you have an older foreign car, there are never too many options for getting the car fixed. Youtube  and forums have helped me quite a bit, and if you also own an older Saab, you know what I mean. That hesitation and cylinder error is likely a $50 part, not something catastrophic. As is the climate control problem. However, there are some issues that require pros with pro tools and experience. If you have a Saab in Jacksonville, that might include a trip to Franz Foreign Car Services.

Jobless Miss Jones, Action News Jax Explain Joblessness Situation

"I think the city's lacking a lot of jobs right now. We have a lot of jobs in one industry or the other."

In a story on Action News Jax discussing the city's desire to bring in a new company that would potentially create 800 jobs, the above quote was used to reinforce something or the other. The interviewee, Kallie or Mindy or Kitty Jones, seemed to agree that Jax needs a new company in town--Project Volt.

Tuesday, January 23

Why Would a Website About Jacksonville Get International Hits?

I've built all kinds of websites, and I've even targeted some specifically at other countries. However, New Jax Witty was built for a very specific niche, which is why I'm surprised at some of the early numbers that show more international views than expected. I know that it's probably spammers in most cases, but usually international spammers take longer to find a website, so I wonder what's up.

What If St. Augustine Asked Me To Add Context To Confederate Monuments?

Here's a thought. What if St. Augustine asked just regular people to help add the "context" that the city has deemed necessary in order to keep from moving Confederate monuments? The city has appointed some academics in order to do the job, and I can only imagine the meetings. Someone will quote Howard Zinn, and then another academic will attack that supposition. Another might want to bring up Winthrop Jordan's The White Man's Burden, which will also be shot down. Then another professor will quote his or her own book, and before long, each will in turn quote themselves. Most likely half of the profs will have copies of their treatises with them with pages pre-marked. And when it all shakes out, they won't have a better context than an average guy like me.

Monday, January 22

Sacksonville Should Prepare For the Worst; Hope For The Best

When it comes to sports, I'm more of a realist than a pessimist. There's a difference, but both philosophies point to the distinct possibility that Jacksonville will not be in the Super Bowl next year. When you finish second in the AFC only to Tom Brady (who has to retire eventually), you might think it makes you a shoe-in for next year. And that could very well be, but there's no guaranty, and it's certainly harder to make this whole Sacksonville thing into any kind of a dynasty. That's I was sad to see the team lose.

Thursday, January 18

So DJ Easy E Made Up Duuuval Chant, But Did He Make Up His Name?

It's pretty bold to claim you coined a phrase, especially one that has suddenly become more popular because the Jags have figured out how to win some games. I'm not sure how many people would reach out to the local news in order to take credit for taking something others were already saying, but that's cool. I'll go ahead and take credit for 9-ohhh-fohhhhh right now.

Wednesday, January 10

The Official Sponsor of Jax

Is a city having a sponsor a thing? You know, like Everbank Field, only a whole city rather than a measly stadium. Actually, is there a real bank named Everbank? That's embarrassing to ask, but I've never seen an Everbank in any of the local mini-malls littered with 5/3s (how weird is that name?). But this article is not about the existence of Everbank as an actual bank or Fifth Third as an actual fraction. It's about whether or not JAX or Jacksonville has an official sponsor. Can a city have an official sponsor? And if not, can I just say New Jax Witty is the official sponsor?

Florida LCMS Churches: Read This

Example of an abandoned website
If you're a member of a Florida LCMS church, you'll want to check yourself out on this list. It's basically a free website evaluation of every LCMS church in the state. Some churches that belong to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in Florida do a good job when it comes to websites, and this article recognizes those efforts. Many more churches could use at least some help, but it's often something they can do on their own. Still others either lack a website completely or have let their old website get really, really old.

Top Ten Unexpected Costs of Living in Jacksonville, Florida

When you move to a brand new community, you will have unexpected expenses that are generally hidden from your accounting. While there may be some savings you've missed, the costs are the ones that annoy you. The online cost of living calculators can give you an idea of the disparities, but there are minor differences in living that will cost something that you will not be prepared for until you make the move. Here's my Top 10 for Jax (yours may differ). Also, these are in no particular order because that would be too much work.

Tuesday, January 9

Takeaways From Recent Power Posts

I read two very long articles recently about power in Florida, and it gave me a better understanding of the state of the state, though I'm still a bit concerned about whether it means anything to me or JEA. One article was specifically about Florida and the other was about the nation, but both make a difference for us in the Sunshine State.

Thursday, January 4

Check Jacksonville GIS To See If You Live In A Regulation or Hazard Zone

COJ's GIS has all kinds of incomprehensible new features in its new Civil Planning Map. I'll focus on only a few right now, since I'm sure they might be related in some way. At least they are all in the same "Government" layer: CIV School Regulation Zone, MI School Regulation Zones, Civilian Height and Hazard Zones, and Military Height and Hazard Zones. What are they? Beats me, but I live in several, so it would be nice if I did know.

Magnolia Grove Subdivision Jax: What You Need To Know

Welcome home to the new Magnolia Grove subdivision on McCormick and Kernan in Jacksonville. KB Home has begun marketing the subdivision, which is right in my neck of the woods. Actually, the woods were torn down to make way for the houses, but it's right over there. So what do you need to know and ask before tossing your hard-earned money at one of these new homes?

Wednesday, January 3

100 Posts!

New Jax Witty has made it to 100 posts, give or take. Some are drafts or unpublished, but the idea is that it's roughly 100. No, you don't get a prize. Maybe a virtual high-five.

Who Needs A Co-Writer or Editor?

I don't love getting paid per hour for editing. I have more fun co-writing something, or just writing side-by-side with someone else who's creative. Currently, I'm taking up another songwriting challenge, trying to get some lyrics down for a friend to make a demo in a week. It's an assignment, but not one where I get fired if I fail. I think that most of the creative types in Jacksonville would want this kind of challenge, and I'm looking for the right people to work with, but I can also give you some advice if you want to search for a partner of your own.

Snow, Freezing Rain In Jax

Link to Slideshow
Jacksonville is not immune to snow. It can happen, just like direct-hit hurricanes. But snow is rare. At least that's what everyone told us when we were considering a move here. Sure, you get some hurricane effects (rain) and the daily thunderstorm in the summer (more rain), but snow is once a lifetime or so, right? Let's take a look at Wikipedia to see:

Tuesday, January 2

AT&T Fiber: Faster Internet, Same AT&T

AT&T Fiber is fast. If you have access to it, look into it. Fast is good. Fast is not what happens if you need service or want your gift card for signing up. Then you get the normal AT&T you've known for years and that you swore you'd never go back to. Like that ex from high school that you see later on Facebook and think, "Two divorces don't really mean (s)he's still a possessive, overbearing psycho."

Monday, January 1

New Year's Isn't Independence Day, People

Back when we had a German intern living with us, I remember asking what New Year's was like over there. She mentioned fireworks. We said that in America, fireworks are biggest on the 4th of July, especially when you're talking about the kind people set off in their own yards. I did not realize that five months after Independence Day, Jacksonville citizens engage in a second yearly opportunity to maim themselves and frighten dogs / my wife.

Those Crazy Neighbors Were Running Their AC This Winter

Moving to Florida has provided me with new information all the time. One thing I could not understand is why my neighbor has been running his air conditioner when it's 40 degrees outside. It just didn't make any sense.

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