Tuesday, September 11

Local Women Going Wild For Arrested Bristish Sailors

It's being called it British Invasion JAX (by us). The Royal Navy Fab Five were apprehended at Jacksonville Beach, being very bad boys while looking very good. Of course, that's what women love: a foreign accent, disheveled hair, a uniform, and the desire to fight all comers while drunk. Never mind the bad teeth and cartoonish ears.  Let's take a look at these blokes to see why Jacksonville birds are going nuts for the Royal Navy, even as the rest of us shake our heads in consternation.

99.9% Better Chromebook Protection

I have a friend who sells Chromebook covers (Craniums), and he just got a comment from a school district that told him the screen protection offered by the product fixed 99.9% of the problems. Imagine that: buying something that can fix your problem 99.9% of the time.

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