Tuesday, October 30

Americans Don't Really Want to Teach in China

Since I have twelve years of teaching experience on my various online profiles, I get the "teach in China" recruitment efforts all the time. Actually, you probably get them, too. If you are an American with an employment profile and can breathe, you probably are a candidate to teach in China. But we don't want to do it. Even those who end up doing it don't really want to. So why not bring the kids here to learn in Jacksonville?

ADA Sidewalk Ramp Investment

ada and non ada-ramps
My kids and I were having a discussion about the new sidewalk ramps being installed in our neighborhood. The pros and cons, actually. I know, that's not entirely politically correct to imply there are cons to compliant ramps, but just hear me out.

Sheriffs Live On-Site At Local Synagogues?

The news was discussing the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and how it relates to Jacksonville when I thought I heard that two of the three main synagogues in Jax have JSO officers who live on-site. Maybe I heard it wrong, or maybe the news meant there's a house right next to these places of worship that's rented out to JSO.

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