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Get The Plank Out Your Eye, Neighbor

Getting a Ticket in JAX: No Easy Way Out

San Pablo Construction - Neighborly Thoughts

I-95, US 1, and A1A

What Does it Mean to Get San Pabloed or Hodged in Jacksonville?

What Happened to the Dames Point Bridge Lights?

Amelia Concours d'Elegance, AKA And Another Porsche

FDOT Says We're Good in Northeast Florida

Why I Asked For A No U-Turn Sign on Kernan

Jacksonville Vehicle Pet Peeves: Lights

Illegal Traffic Stops in St. Johns County

FDOT, Councilmembers' Last Chance to Save Lives in East Arlington Jax

Here's Another Reason I'm Glad We Missed Out on Sutton Lakes House

AAA Roadside Assistance Kinda Sketchy in Jacksonville

Coolest Street in Jacksonville

Shop Click Bait and Switch - Buying A Chevy Online 2022

Tag em and Bag em, Jacksonville

Logical Interstate Naming Alternative

How Long Does Google Take To Update Streetview After Taking Photos?


Roadside Knife Stand - Only in Florida

Real World AAA Membership Benefits

Discover Kept Us Safe From Skimmers

Followed Home in Jacksonville

JAXEX Bad Neighbor 2

Giveaway! Florida Drug and Alcohol Course & Permit Exam

After More Than A Year, I Realize There's A Skyway in JAX

No More High Speed Police Chases

Tipsy Tow and Tow to Go New Years and Beyond

Good Credit, Bad Credit, We Should Care

I Wonder Which Cheap Frontier Flights Were Dropped From JAX

DNA Evidence Caught a Hit and Run Driver?

Kernan and McCormick Intersection Options

Wondering How Many of us Would Break a Window for a $3,600 Louis Vuitton Bag

Soccar Field at The Episcopal School?

A Porsche Cayenne For My HOA

100mph = Dangerous

Keeping Kids Safe: Home and Road

Cause and Effect: Walmart and Riffraff

Saving Hundreds in Repairs: Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan

Understanding AT&T Wifi Hotspots (That Don't Really Exist)

ADA Sidewalk Ramp Investment

Why Would Governor Scott House State Troopers In His Home?

Helicopters In The Air

Super Tire Jacksonville Review: More Like Stupid Tire

Woman Veteran License Plates

630City Online Needs Its Own Help (And Will It Work?)

If A Car Dealership In Jax Treats You Like Family...

Welcome People Fleeing a Hurricane to Jacksonville

Marijunana at Kernan and McCormick

Profiles In Courage: Bayley Judah

Is It OK To Kill Geese With Your Car In Jacksonville?

Bank of America, At Least Some Parts

Wonderwood Speed Trap: Wondering If It's Good

Why I'm Not Visiting Pitstop Tires

East Arlington or Intracoastal West or Idlewild or Fulton

Jacksonville Intranational / Interstate Airport

So I Got My Lincoln Replacement Car

$50 - $60 Frontier Flights JAX to MKE

Local Chevy Dealerships React to Words and Thoughts

Why Are So Many People Saying They Got Their Title Back With Title Max?

Now Could Be The Time To Go EV Or Hybrid Or Cruzin

Car Crashes into Sorority House; Not Exciting

What's The Best Abduction Vehicle Name?

The Number of Firetrucks Responding to a Fire

Not Having to Travel Very Far to go Anywhere

JAX GIS Beats Homebuilders In Naming Streets

JAXEX at Craig - A Broken Noise Abatement System

Key to Bank Robberies: Basic Transportation

Happy We're In Jacksonville This Winter, Or Spring

Solutions to Potential Accidents

Your Broke-Ass Lincoln Will Never Get Fixed

$1 To Walk on Jax Beach Pier?

A Family Pass To State Parks With An Impossible Passport

Annoying Neighbor - The Mighty Muffler

If I Get Distracted By A Street Panhandler In A Law Firm Shirt, Who Do I Sue?

Cradle Creek Preserve, Eagles, and an iPhone

CEO of United Airlines Re-accommodates Some Sand

Ed Austin Regional Park - The Dunes

St. Johns, Not St. Jobs

Yes, There Are Supposed to be Signals at Kernan Forest Blvd and Kernan

What is Your Quest? Crossing Jax Bridges

Jax Traffic Dames Point Bridge to 9B on The 295

Out of Town Zoo Membership?

1 killed in shootout between 2 cars

A Woman Who Adopted Eight Kids?

Steel vs Sorghum - No Worries For Florida?

Everbank (Sorry, TIAA) Ticket Office?

A Simple Solution to Pedestrian and Bike Safety Concerns

Choice Comments About Jax

It's Easier Here

Lower Your Insurance Rate in Florida With Progressive Snapshot

Sunday Funday Sounds Like Fun

Franz Foreign Car Service Review

Why Would a Website About Jacksonville Get International Hits?

Top Ten Unexpected Costs of Living in Jacksonville, Florida

The Official Sponsor of Jax

Check Jacksonville GIS To See If You Live In A Regulation or Hazard Zone

Magnolia Grove Subdivision Jax: What You Need To Know

An Annotated List of Jax Meetups

Apparently, Artesians Helped Build The Navy's Newest Ship

Why Rome, Italy, and The Villages, FL, Are Similar, And Why It Matters

Make Sure You Have a Working License Plate Light

I Wonder Why Alleys Don't Exist in Jax

Note to Jax Drivers: Turn Signals Serve a Purpose

Seeing a Broken-Down Penske Truck Reminded Me: Don't Rent From Penske

Emissions Testing Coming Back to Jax

What Kind of Driving Should We Expect From JSO?

Jiffy Lube Atlantic Beach - Google Got This One Wrong

Can We Build Our Way Out Of Traffic Congestion in Jacksonville?

I Think "Car Burglar" is an Official Career in Jacksonville

Lovin These Jax Car Ads

What's With The Fog Lights, Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Needs a Menards

David Boynton Parkway - Monument Road

Merrill McCormick Wonderwood What? One Road, Many Names

Helping Hands on Kernan And Why Some People Stop

More Evidence You Don't Want a Gas Station in Your Hood

A Newbie Experiences a Hurricane: Irma 2017

Giant Pickup Trucks in Jacksonville

Smart ASSet ASSessment of Florida Drivers is Half-ASS

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