Sunday, January 28

Ollie's And The $50 Floor Repair: DIY Vinyl Flooring

When I as looking for houses in Jacksonville, I mentioned to my realtor that people here didn't seem to understand the simple formula I'd learned about selling a house. I've sold two houses that have increased in value by a lot. Both of those houses sold because of flooring, lighting, and paint. We're talking 10% increase in value per year for each house. Today, I'm going to show you how to increase the value of your home by  $2,000 to $5,000 for $50.

Arlington Country Day School Closed: Options?

If you're reading this Sunday night before your kids need to attend a new school because Arlington Country Day School closed last week, I feel for you. You weren't expecting to have to deal with this, and it's not your fault this happened. What are your options now? Let me tell you about Grace Lutheran in Arlington, just 15 minutes east of ACDS.

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Pennies From Heaven AKA Welfare for Writers

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