Saturday, February 3

A Garbage Bag Filled With Silver Pots

The Jacksonville IKEA was shut down because of a bomb threat that resulted in police spotting a suspicious garbage bag in the parking lot. It's a sad welcome to our city, but it's more the contents of the bag that interested me. The police spokesman said it was filled with silver pots.

East Arlington Income by Race

I was looking through my Jacksonville neighborhood on the website when I saw something that was different from other neighborhoods in which I'd lived. While it's not necessarily true for Jacksonville as a whole, the East Arlington neighborhood has median incomes by race that was maybe surprising to those who don't live here. Whites are at the bottom of the median household income food chain in this area.

A Victim Speaking Spanish Makes An Investigation Complicated?

Someone was shot in the Sans Souci area of Jacksonville. I don't know if that's normal or not. What surprised me about the story was that the news said the police investigation was complicated because the victim did not speak English. It was called a challenge hurting the investigation, as well the police saying the investigation is "difficult because the victim does not speak English."

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