Saturday, June 30

Residents of The Woods Must Love One Another

Either people who live in The Woods off Atlantic and Hodges really love one another, or else Jacksonville's GIS mapping has a bit of a problem. When I was looking at the area because I'd be helping someone move into the neighborhood, I noticed something very interesting about the properties: according to JAX GIS, about half the homes overlap onto someone else's property.

Friday, June 29

So Iguana Tastes Like Chicken... Who's In?

I just read an article discussing the use of nuisance iguanas as food. While it's not really my thing, it seems as if the annoying lizards may be heading for some dinner tables near you, and it's nothing new.

School Article Proof We Need School

As an English teacher, I am often disappointed with much of what I read online. When it's some blogger writing about her favorite recipe, I'm not bothered all that much. However, I recently read an article on a local Jacksonville news website that had too many errors for something supposedly written by a real, live journalist. Ironically, the article was about education.

Tuesday, June 26

East Arlington or Intracoastal West or Idlewild or Fulton

First off, I'm not sure if anyone has ever said "intra" when using the word intracoastal. I'd only heard "inter," as in intercoastal or interstate. But I'm not worried about pronunciation in this post. It's about actual names. I saw an older real estate post that used the term Intracoastal West to describe my part of town, but I think the generally accepted term for the area he was discussing is now referred to as East Arlington. That also makes me wonder if there's some other name I'm missing from over the years.

The Wait For An Oreo Update For My Moto G5 Plus

It feels like it's been almost a year that I've been waiting for the Oreo 8.1 update for my Moto G5 Plus. Fact is, I've only owned the phone a few months. However, after reading through the forums, it seems everyone else has been waiting forever for the update. And it has been a long time. 

Saturday, June 23

Florida's Not #1 In Psychopaths

A recent study did NOT put Florida on top of a negative list. That should be cause for celebration. Of the lists I've seen, however, this is one I would not have questioned if FL was on top: states with the highest percentage of psychopaths.

Friday, June 22

Moroccan Breeze Needs More Wind to Fly

So I'm stuck in a cheap motel in Orlando that smells like someone used the air conditioner as an ashtray, but I'm still hungry. Almost hangry. And I want to try something new. Maybe Moroccan Breeze. Then again...

Saturday, June 16

Takeaways From The Baxter Troutman Becky Ad

As someone who rarely votes, I'm more interested in political ads for entertainment rather than facts or ideas. I feel the Baxter Troutman ad I've been seeing lately is pretty entertaining.

Tuesday, June 12

Jacksonville Intranational / Interstate Airport

jax jia interstate airportWhen I parked my car at a long-term parking lot to fly out of JAX last year, the guy running the lot gave me a ride. I said something about it being an international airport, possibly because I was worried about getting to the right gate. He just laughed and said, "This is Jacksonville. It's no international airport." Considering he was an international kind of guy, complete with accent, I assumed he was just expecting more. Then I looked it up, and I have also developed a suspicion that Jacksonville International might be misnamed.

Saturday, June 9

Hammock Grove 1250 Square Foot First Floor Unit Prices

If you're looking for a moderately-priced condo in a decent area that's still close enough to the Beaches, downtown, the Town Center, and the 295, then Hammock Grove might be your groove. If you're like my parents and really want a ground-floor unit, then your options are limited to the 1250 or 1530 Square Foot units. In fact, many of the condos in the area are either second floor units or two-story, so if you want a place in Kernan Forest, and you want a single-story, ground-floor offering, then you'll have to search for The Sutler plan. Three bedrooms, two baths.

So I Got My Lincoln Replacement Car

If you're a local Lincoln owner, keep an eye out for your replacement car offer. You can get yourself a rental so that you're not driving around in a dangerous car, but it's not as awesome a deal as it sounds for several reasons.

Monday, June 4

When Will Jacksonville Hit 1,000,000?

With a census report that said Jacksonville added over 11,000 new residents in 2017, how long will it take for the city to boast 1,000,000 people? If we can assume 10,000 per year, and we're just over 890,000 now, that would mean this year plus ten more years of similar growth.

Friday, June 1

The Republic Wireless Problem--When You Get Lakecia Hickson's Old Number

Republic Wireless is good and cheap. Well, it's cheap, and usually good, just not if your secondary Jacksonville number used to belong to Lakecia Hickson. Even though I kept my own cell phone number from Wisconsin, when I activated my new phone in Florida, Republic felt it necessary to give me a more local number as my backup cell number, but I'm going to have to explain that one to you.

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