Wednesday, February 21

NRA / Republicans Look Like The Bad Guys After Another School Shooting, And There's a Good Reason Why

I kind of feel sorry for the NRA and its political action group known as Republicans. I am sure the NRA thought that mass shootings would just be a fad back when they began. One mass shooting every few years is, simply put, good for sales. Terrorist attacks, high crime rates, and insurance policies taken out on loved ones are also good for sales. The problem is that we've done such a good job as a nation to thwart terrorists and investigate insurance fraud, so it's mostly the fear of crime and mass shootings that drives the sales of guns. These new gun purchases, of course, lead to more crime and more mass shootings, and now we're stuck in this Catch-22. We all want guns to protect ourselves against all the other lunatics who have guns. But we also want to blame someone, and it's finally going to be that time for the NRA, gun manufacturers, and the Republican Party. Here's why.

Jacksonville Can Save Billions With One Clever Switcheroo

I think this is perfectly legal for Jacksonville to do, and it's an idea that could save the city billions of dollars over the next generation. Actually, it's so clever that someone will try to stop it from happening, so me writing about it is kind of dangerous. Except I can't get anyone in local government to answer emails, so I guess the internet gets to benefit from my ultimate brainstorm about JEA.

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