Tuesday, January 23

Why Would a Website About Jacksonville Get International Hits?

I've built all kinds of websites, and I've even targeted some specifically at other countries. However, New Jax Witty was built for a very specific niche, which is why I'm surprised at some of the early numbers that show more international views than expected. I know that it's probably spammers in most cases, but usually international spammers take longer to find a website, so I wonder what's up.

What If St. Augustine Asked Me To Add Context To Confederate Monuments?

Here's a thought. What if St. Augustine asked just regular people to help add the "context" that the city has deemed necessary in order to keep from moving Confederate monuments? The city has appointed some academics in order to do the job, and I can only imagine the meetings. Someone will quote Howard Zinn, and then another academic will attack that supposition. Another might want to bring up Winthrop Jordan's The White Man's Burden, which will also be shot down. Then another professor will quote his or her own book, and before long, each will in turn quote themselves. Most likely half of the profs will have copies of their treatises with them with pages pre-marked. And when it all shakes out, they won't have a better context than an average guy like me.

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