Wednesday, November 15

A 37 Year-Old Nazi at UNF Has Some Options

I don't want to antagonize any Nazis, especially those with assault rifles. That's certainly not the intent of this article. I just wanted to remind all prospective college students, especially ones in their 30s, that colleges do offer courses online, and that might be a better fit for you.

I went back for my Masters in my mid-20s. To be honest, college life was not for me at that point. Going out to frat parties, drinking hard liquor from a beer bong, dancing on video in dorm rooms, and generally not remembering weekends had lost the appeal. Don't get me wrong, I met my wife there, so I understand the desire for an older man to be on a college campus, but online dating sites are more efficient today than back then

If I had it to do over again, I'd get my advanced degree online while finding people with similar interests, also online. Might I suggest, the online dating site for "Reformed Christian, Quiverfull, Confederate, Homeschooled, Christian Identity, white nationalism, altright, Sovereign Grace Singles." I was unable to see any profiles without registering, so I can't speak the quality or quantity of love on the website.

If it's not about getting some college action, then online courses are really the way to go. You can troll liberal websites while taking the following coursework at UNF:

Keep an open mind, too, since UNF is not the only college that offers online degrees. However, I was unable to find a white nationalist university operating in the US. With Trump U out of the game, I guess good old Liberty University and Bob Jones University will do the trick. Liberty offers online degrees from Associates to Doctoral. I know a lawyer who attended Liberty.

Of course, there's the chance that enrolling in a brick-and-mortar college is more about recruiting than it is about getting educated. In that case, we all have the right to do so. But since college isn't exactly the local public school, I think the college generally has the right to kick someone out, too.

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