Friday, November 17

Birds As Pets In Jax

OK, I don't know if bird ownership is higher in Florida than any other state. One website called that information a premium statistic and wanted me to buy it. No, not that important to me. The only reason I ask is because I just saw one of my neighbors walking by with what appeared to be something in between a parakeet and a parrot on her shoulder.

No, she did not have an eye patch, but I still made a pirate booty joke to myself. I am sorry for my objectification of my neighbor, and I am hoping we can all move on.

It's cool that we can have birds hanging out with us on walks in mid-November in Florida. That's not a thing in Milwaukee. Actually, I'm not sure how much of a thing it is at all, anywhere. My family had parakeets when I was a kid, and out of ten or so we owned over the years, only our first bird, Tweety, could be trusted to be outside with us in the summer. But she could also untie shoelaces, so not your average bird. Still, we tended to keep her in the front yard.

Most birds would seize the opportunity to go get killed in the wild. I know I had to work pretty hard to get one parakeet back that had escaped, and that bird had clipped wings. I would also be concerned about a hawk swooping down and picking the bird right off my shoulder, even if I knew the pet wouldn't fly away on its own. Or some of these wild packs of pit bulls might Chase us down.

I guess that's all I have. No interesting insights or premium statistics. But I think it's cool to see young moms with birds on their shoulders instead of just crazy old bird ladies.

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