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Jacksonville Actors and Actresses, Let's Help Each Other

I'm always trying to come up with new ways to sell my stories. I've written two movies, a musical play, and I'm still working on a novel. Maybe I'll never make it big, but I do know that connections help. I've looked into the local Jax writing and film scene on Meetup, and I've come up fairly empty so far, so I figured I'd put this post out there.

Because I build websites, have two kids, and own a higher-end digital SLR, I've gotten fairly good at photography. However, I know a lot of the marketing for my job and for potential clients is in film. As luck would have it, my camera makes high-quality film. I taught a high school film class, too, so I developed an interest in the process.

In addition, I've tried to build my business on helping others, hoping those I help can do something for me in return. This is normally as a referral or testimonial. However, in order to get better at film making, I probably need to expand what I film. I'm no good in front of a camera myself, and filming a vlog would just be embarrassing. However, I know from working with a film Meetup group in Milwaukee that there are plenty of actors out there looking for a chance to put together a portfolio.

If you are a local Jacksonville actor or actress, I'd like to work with you. It would be awesome if you read from one of my scripts, but I'm also fine with you doing a reading of your choice. I have a good camera, along with a good external mic, and a decent external light. The deal would be that I would post the video to my Youtube channel and write about you (and the content, if it's mine) on one of my websites. I'm not a producer and I'm not promising anything more than a good video that you can use to show others your talent. I won't be doing all kinds of editing or anything like that, even though I can. That's because I'm not looking to make money. I'd rather establish some connections that could help me eventually get my movies made or my play produced. Besides, I'm not good enough yet to charge money for some kind of demo reel.

I work from home, building (mostly church) websites, so I have a flexible schedule. I'm not a videographer, so I'm not going to film your wedding or anything. Maybe I could film a local band playing a song or two (I helped with a music video once). I'd also film local poets reading their work, since I write poetry and think it should get more exposure online. But, like I said, I want to mostly make this about acting and simple scenes. According to Backstage.com,
An effective demo reel will be a minute to a minute and half long and will have three or four clips from different projects.
So one of your clips as an actor could come from my camera. Use the contact form if you're interested. I'm in between Arlington and the beaches. If you have a suggestion for a Meetup or other group for me to join, you can also send that in the contact form. As I get some volunteers, I'll post the videos here. Also, if you are a local band or actor who already has all the video you need but are lacking a decent website to showcase your talent, then I'm your guy.

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