Sunday, November 5

Jiffy Lube Atlantic Beach - Google Got This One Wrong

I spent an extra ten minutes in my car just to drive all the way to Atlantic Beach in order to specifically choose the local Jiffy Lube with the best reviews. Guess those reviewers got it wrong.
There was one car in a bay when I got here, twenty minutes ago. I had time to write another article before I even started this one, and so far all that has happened is my car has been moved so that a pickup truck could move in front of me in line.

I just changed the oil myself in my other car, but my wife thought it would be nice for a professional company to inspect the car and whatnot. However, if I had not purchased a Groupon, I'd be gone right now.
30 minutes in, I get the update. Also learn my car takes 6 quarts, so Groupon  sucks there. Plus tax, too?  Worker also claimed Ford recommended full synthetic,  which means they had not yet changed any oil. Pickup's now leaving a couple minutes after I get the usual upsell report. I have yet to confirm my car ever needed synthetic, and I've been going conventional for three years.

I took a break from writing this article  to work on a friend's website login problem, so now we're approaching an hour. Not Jiffy at all. More like if I'd hired my friend Jeffy to do the work. I think I'll call this location Jeffy Lube from now on.
On the positive side, I get free wifi here, so I can write this article on their WiFi rather than using cell data. So there's that. I hope the guy in scrubs who just showed up isn't going to be late for a surgery. Maybe they'll take care of him because he looks important and isn't using a coupon.

Other than free wifi, there's no reason for me to be going back to Jeffy Lube anytime soon.

What Jeffy's staff should have done:
  • Made certain someone didn't get in front of me, whichever stall was in use, even if they had to slow down the work on the other vehicle.
  • Ensured I was out in a timely manner or compensated, especially when I was agitated about the Groupon BS...basically, if you take a full hour AND upcharge over $8 from a coupon that's supposed to provide an oil change that's been paid for, then you at least drop the upcharge. 
  • Honestly, just give folks the Groupon price, even if their CAR uses a bit more than 5 quarts. That's scammy for a big company like Jiffy Lube. It's not like I brought in a Porsche with 12 quarts of oil to change. It's a 3.5 Ford with six little quarts.

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