Tuesday, November 14

Not That I'm Looking For a Life Coach, But What's The Deal With Transform Your Life Today?

My sister is a life coach, so if I needed one, I'd ask her. I built her a life-coaching website that she has yet to use, and I decided to see how the local versions stack up. Well, the FIRST life coach website listed by Google for me has a website, almost.

TransformYourLifeToday.org is a Wordpress website that forces you to login with a password. That's probably not the landing page the owner wants, but that's how the website redirects. I assume someone had an older website (thus the Google ranking) and wanted to improve it by installing Wordpress, since it's free and supposedly easy, and now there's nothing. Too bad, since getting a #1 position in Google is pretty good.

The next life coaching website was decent, so I won't say anything against it, except for it's another Wordpress website that looks a lot like a Weebly website. First Coast Counseling and Life Coaching. It's mobile-friendly and whatnot, and if I owned it, I'd just ask for it to be https rather than http. Probably not a difficult switch to make.

The next life coaching page was http://reconciliationmin.org/. Reconciliation Min? Like minimum or minute? This is actually RMI Counseling. This one's another Wordpress site that looks a bit like a cool Google Sites website. Another non-https site that loads really slow for no apparent reason. Google says there are some resources blocked. There's also a strange iframe in the page, probably something to do with getting Google clicks. Not sure if that's causing the slow loads or what. Mobile-friendly enough.

Kuan Enterprises IS a Google Sites website, and it gives viewers the chance to see the limitations of Google Sites. This is even a subdomain, and it's still in the top 10 of Google, so nice job on that. Not so much on the website. Kuan might be better off taking this website down and hoping people call instead, since it most likely drives potential customers away.

On the other hand, livingwell.online has everything right but the weird domain. .online? And the annoying popup to subscribe.

Then we have thehappyenthusiast.com with a website happy to have images rather than text, wanting us to sign up for updates that don't seem to be on the website. Menu items that disappear when hovered over is an interesting choice, too. This is another Wordpress site that looks like Weebly, but it might be good for someone who appreciates bright imagery. It looks nice, but I bet the owner could do more with a Wordpress site like this.

Yes, Passive Ninja has worked with websites in your industry, or something similar. Check out Insights to Life above, but we have also created some other websites that look good and have little content (so far), like Rising Health Chiro and Organichic

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