Friday, December 1

A Culver's For Kernan and McCormick in Jax

I've written about how we don't need another gas station on Kernan and McCormick. I've even suggested a few options that would be local destinations, closed at a decent time. The best of these options is a Culver's.

Culver's is a restaurant and custard stand based in Wisconsin, where custard ice cream was invented(1). The food is good, and the service is much better than the McDonald's at McCormick and Monument, which has the worst service of any restaurant I've ever been to. In fact, it might be Culver's first chance to put a McDonald's out of business. The custard is better than Witt's, on par with Bruster's, maybe a bit better. The food beyond the custard is also as good as any fast food joint in Jax.

Culver's has a great reputation as a fast food chain. People who go will come back, and they'll drive in the Jacksonville traffic to get there. I myself promise to go at least once a month for as long as the Culver's would be located next to the new Magnolia Grove subdivision by KB Homes. The new residents of this neighborhood do not want a gas station, nor do most of us who live within a mile of the corner, like in Kernan Forest. I'd much rather have the kids at Grace Lutheran get a butter burger and delectable ice cream than Now and Laters and a pack of Marbs for mom. Besides, a Lutheran Church in Jacksonville means lots of people from the Midwest, all of whom prefer Culver's to most local options.

A gas station never closes, and people who rob gas stations also burglarize homes. Culver's caters to families and closes at a decent hour.  That's not to say it won't be busy at noon or six, but that's also the time at which normal traffic tends to be a bit less, whereas a convenience store is MOST busy when traffic is also most busy, making this intersection the next potential dangerous Jax intersection.

1. maybe

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