Thursday, December 28

An Annotated List of Jax Meetups

I told my wife that she should look into a meetup in order to do something outside of the house. I have MABL baseball, and I will also eventually do my own meetup group of some sort. I also actually enjoy watching the kids play sports, so that kind of counts. When I looked into the local Jax groups that meet, I thought it might be useful to list them for others out there who do not want to waste time searching on Meetup. Then again, that's the single purpose of the website, so my list and comments might not help a whole lot, but I think it might be fun for me to vent a bit, since I've been a little frustrated for the past few years when it comes to these groups. I just got started with Meetups again in November, so I have not attended any actual meetings as of this writing, but I was a dedicated member of one group in Milwaukee, so I intend to join one of these and make it a thing in my life.

Because there are so many groups in Jax, and I have limited time to check them all out, I'll kind of update this article as I get time, in the order I saw them in my search (not sure if it's distance, search terms, history, or what that created the order). These are all within 25 miles, of Jacksonville, but that could mean quite a distance because the sheer size of the city. I'd contact leaders or see past meetup locations before joining groups.

All Meetups within 25 miles of Jacksonville, FL
(I am a member of two meetups as of December 2017, but one isn't even for me, and I still need to look for more)

Jacksonville Freelancers Union We're 101 Members
(I'm technically a freelancer, and this group seems to have a decent core that meets often enough. I have yet to attend a meeting, but it's on the agenda. I know that I need to network, so I will do this or another one very soon.)

 The Jacksonville German Conversation Meetup Group We're 437 German Speakers (I joined this group for my kids. I'll see where the meetings are and how many people go. I don't speak German, so it would just be so that the kids could practice their fact, if you are a parent in the area with German-speaking kids who want to practice, we can skip the Meetup and you can just contact me.)

(This is based on my past search criteria, so it's going to be heavy on creative writing to start.) 

Jacksonville Poetry Meetup We're 465 Poetry Fans
(I love writing poetry, and I think this would be a good group for that. However, poetry has never made me any money, and I know I told my wife I'd try to join groups that at least had that potential. Then again, there are probably many aspiring poets who don't know how to promote their work, and I can help with that, so maybe there's an opportunity. Very large group with meetings that have around ten members.)

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Group of Jax, FL We're 280 Writers
(I'm not a sci-fi or fantasy writer, but I do have a decent idea for a fantasy parody novel, so this group might be good for that. Having met many authors in this genre, however, I know they will be taking their work very seriously as I try to garner ideas to ridicule the teen fantasy novels for my own novel, so I may not be as welcome as I might want. Average about 6 members per meeting.)

 Jacksonville Theater Lovers We're 2,107 Jax Theater Lovers (Really, over 2,000? This group does average about 30 members per play. But I like to WRITE the plays, not just attend them, so I probably will just get tickets on my own. Then again, there are some added bonuses for joining the group, so if my wife wants to make theater-going a thing for us, I'd probably look into it further.)

Startup Grind Jacksonville We're 194 Entrepreneurs (I like the idea. 194 people also do. But when you look at past meetings, you see that only a couple of people showed up for an event that was supposed to launch careers and get funding from the crowd. That would be sad to present your big idea to three people with no money to finance it, Shark Tank-style.)

The Jacksonville Acoustic Meetup Group We're 87 Musicians At Heart
(Technically, I'm a songwriter. I have no musical talent whatsoever, but I did search for groups based on songwriting, so this one came up. I provide a photo so that you can decide if this might be for you. I'm not judging, but twenty guys my age or older in one room with their guitars isn't my scene.

JaxPHP / JaxWeb We're 581 Web Designers and PHP Developers
(I know, this one could be like joining a professional group that does a lot of what I do. I'll keep it in mind, but I tend to focus on writing content more than learning more about PHP.)

 WordPress Jacksonville (WPJax) We're 717 Members
(I try to like Wordpress, and I've created some sites using it, but I don't really like it, and going to meetings to interact with something I don't like using  would probaly be frustrating.)

Tech On Tap Jax We're 2,196 Tech On Tap Members
(This one's for IT people. I'm not an IT person. If you are, this might be fun, but I wouldn't bring a friend who isn't.)

Jacksonville Healthy Eating Meetup Over 50 interested >
(Funny. People interested in healthy eating but no one wanting to be in charge. I would think some health food store owner could take this over.)

 RubyJax We're 634 Rubyists
(Like PHP, Ruby is something I'd rather avoid if I can, as long as I can make a living while also avoiding it. Yes, I would be more sought after by employers if I could use this, but I'd rather not. That said, the group does claim all are welcome.)

 Jacksonville Drupal User Group We're 36 Drupalers Jacksonville
(I went to a Drupal group in Milwaukee. The guys were all about discussing their awesome ways of achieving some menial task. When I checked out their websites, it was pretty sad looking, since they were more about the code than the design. And it was a very long meeting for someone who didn't care about the hacks or how amazing some of them were.)

JAVA User Group (JaxJUG) We're 708 Members 
(Another language I should learn for employers. Another one I probably won't learn. But if you know it, then you can meet others who also do.)

Bridges of Harmony Chorus We're 167 Members
(If you're looking for an all-women singing group that apparently even competes, here you go. The practices seem to be at a church, and it might be an outreach thing, but it does not claim to be religious.)

JaxLUG - Jacksonville Linux User Group We're 349 Members
(I technically run Linux on two ancient computers at my house. However, I don't really use them enough to want to discuss them on Wednesdays. I do generally like the systems better than Windows, especially on those older machines, and I'm all for Open Source, so I wish this group well.)

 Jacksonville Online Marketing for Businesses & Entrepreneurs We're 2,604 Marketers & Entrepreneurs
(I knew this guy in Milwaukee who worked in marketing for Buell motorcycles. When I asked him what he did to market the product, he said the bikes basically sold themselves. Less than a year later, the company was out of business and he was unemployed. While I've been there and done that with many of the topics of this group, I should probably join this one or a similar one in the area because I know that nothing really sells itself, even if I believe my services are so much better than the competition...wait a second, the competition, in this case, runs the group. This is actually a great idea to create a Meetup group around something most people don't understand in order to sell that very product to them, once you confirm for them they don't understand it.)

Content Creators Jax We're 37 Members
(OK, this one's just starting, but it seems like it might be for me. I thought it was going to be about creating online content for websites, but it's really about writing, producing, and acting in a local film or something. I did find that lack of focus in a group like this can be bad, but so can one person't vision of how everyone has to do his bidding, so that's the challenge.)

 Love of Light - Jacksonville Photography Group We're 606 LoLers
(I love very amateur photography and have just recently started using artificial lighting to help, so this would be a beneficial group to my hobby. However, it's a hobby, and therefore not a total priority. Fairly small attendance based on total members, but intimate meetups can be good for learning.)

 Mingle and Mix Paint Parties We're 57 Members
(Not my thing, but it seems the group provides the paint. Probably good for some folks.)

 Jax Code And Coffee We're 908 Members
(I don't LIKE to code, though I do understand the importance. I also don't like coffee, but I understand its importance to socializing and functioning, especially if you have to write code all day.)

 Northeast Florida Kayak Intros We're 1,559 kayakers,friends Jacksonville
(I'd like to try it out some time, but I don't have the money for a kayak, so not right now.)

UX Design Meetup Over 50 interested >
(It's hard for me to imagine 50 people are really interested in this. It was a thing a few years back, but aren't most UX designers out of work now?)

 MuseJax We're 31 Musers
(I really like the idea of this meetup group. All aspects of music coming together to try to accomplish something. As a writer, and recently a lyricist, I like the opportunities this might present.)

 ROC 'N SINGLES, 45 PLUS We're 938 Roc 'N Singles
(Luckily, I am none of these--rockin, single, nor 45 plus. If you are all of these, this is your meetup)

 North Florida Yoga Meetup Group We're 3,887 Yogis
(Really, almost 4,000 yoga people? Could you imagine if all the members showed up at one mega-beach meetup? These huge groups must be more about marketing emails than actual meetings, since it would make sense to weed the member list out.)

 scihouse We're 107 Members
(A mobile makergroup. Interesting. I thought about joining the Makerspace in MKE, but it cost too much for a poor, laid-off teacher trying to invent something, so I didn't. That's seemingly unrelated, but it's my experience with makers.)

 The Jacksonville Happy Hour & Social Club We're 8,238 Cocktails Enthusiasts
(8,000+ members. 5-30 members per meeting. I cannot imagine 30 people meeting at a bar and being able to interact with one another. Many meetups meet at bars, but these groups have a true purpose beyond the drinking, whereas this group's purpose IS the drinking.)

 React JAX We're 351 Reacters
(Quarterly meetings to do something with React that has something to do with Information Technology, Brooksource, and Florida Blue. I don't want to be cynical, but if my meetup has a big corporate sponsor, I'll assume it's either training or marketing.)

 Yii Jax Meetup We're 25 Devs
(This is for people interested in the Yii Framework. For the rest of us, who do not know what Yii is, I guess look it up and then figure out if you're interested, since there's no description. Is that the Nintendo game or half the good and evil circle?

 The Jacksonville Italian Cultural and Language Meetup Group We're 691 Italian Speakers
(All levels welcome, but if people are going to be speaking in Italian, I assume it helps a lot to at least have a background in it or a similar language to at least pick up some words here and there. Meetups are not enough to actually learn, but they might help if you've been using classes from the library. )

(This group seems to focus on live music venues with DJs (which isn't really live music) and a dress code. My friend Jeff used to like DJ parties at the bars in Madison, WI, until he started feeling old, so I've been to some, but it's not my dealy-o, so I'm Audi 5000. The group leader is Tony Maseratii--like the car but with two "i"s, and it's probably for some really cool reason, like, "I've got both i's on you, Baby!"

 The Jane Austen Book Club — Jacksonville We're 130 Jane Austen fans
(Depending on where this meets, my wie may join it. She wanted to know where it met and a general age range of the participants, but none of that information is readily available through past events listings or photos, so I had to send an email. While the profile photo of a Jane Austen action figure might seem irreverent, I like it, and it makes me ask some questions: was JAne Austen left-handed? Why would an action figure carry around a book she wrote and a pen--was she editing the published book, which should be under a nom de plume, or is she signing it for a fan? Mostly, my wife was worried about the length of time the group has existed versus the small list of works Jane actually wrote.)

 North Jax Photography Meetup We're 1,230 Members
(Like writing, irony can be found in photography. This group was founded to focus on photography north of the St. Johns. The twist is that nearly all of the last half-dozen meetups have been in St. Augustine, or at least south of the river. You can decide why this is funny and ironic because I'm new in town.)

 Operation Code: Jacksonville We're 64 Members
(This is exclusive in nature, and it's meant to help ex-military learn to code. Not sure if it's more of a free class or some basic advice. Coding is boring, anyhow, but if you're a former military member who's sick of just getting into every attraction in town for free, this might be a good option.)

 Jacksonville Beginner Dance Class We're 3,095 Dancers
(Over 3,000 members, but only averaging five per meeting. This might be because it's charging for this really a meetup or a business trying to get clients? And I have no idea what this photo of Jeep Guy has to do with the classes:

 Venture2Dream CoWork Community We're 98 Members
(Sounds vague and inspirational in the description. But it's only for woemn, at least based on the actual meetups. An average of two ladies get together to "Collaborate, create, network, brainstorm. ")

 Rural Life Community (Ages 26-39) We're 20 Rural Lifers
(The organizer says that if your graduating class from high school was 500 or less, you likely qualify as rural. My graduating class was about 300, but it was at a school in Milwaukee where only 40% graduated and two were killed in gun violence senior year. Not to mention all the small, urban charter schools out there. The photos on the main page is of a New England covered bridge. Factual errors aside, I don't think I really qualify as a rural lifer. If you did, join this group, I guess.)

 The Jacksonville Volunteer Meetup We're 1,241 Volunteers
(My wife thought this might be a good idea. We would want the opportunities to include our kids. One to look into further.)

 The Jacksonville Bucket List Meetup We're 4,888 Awesome Adventurers
(It seems this is a group for people who have dreamed about doing fairly standard adventurous stuff but have yet to do any of it. Since I've already experienced a lot of the items on my own bucket list, I probably don't need a group to push me. However, if you read the list on the page and have done none of the sample items, please join.)

 First Coast Rotaract We're 230 Rotaractors
(22-32 year-old who are going to make Jax better through such altruistic offerings of themselves as professional development and friendship? The description also says community service, but that's #1, right? I'm too old for this group--literally--but I hope they do more than have meetings. Service above self, Generation Me.)

 Cribbage Players Unite We're 37 Members
(I have fond, vague memories of playing Cribbage with Casey and Uncle Mark at Fox Lake, WI, back in 1992. That's enough for me. Just like the peppermint Schnapps I drank.)

 Jacksonville Scene We're 1,461 The Scene
(Claims to be the largest social club in NE Florida, but there seems to be only 3 members going to events, at least through Meetup. Like recess for adults. I mow the lawn. Many past meetings were for singles, and maybe that's the point of adult recess.)

 Jacksonville Harmony Chorus We're 272 Sweet Adelines
(I would not say this is where women in their 20s hang out, not that my wife is still in her 20s. Just look at the group photos to see if it's the right age range for you.

 Jacksonville Travel Junkies (formerly Retired Travel Junkies We're 469 Travel Junkies
(Apparently, the Retired Travel Junkies had to get jobs again in order to afford all the travel.)

 Book Club - Bosom Book Buddies We're 432 Bosom Book Buddies
(Average around ten members at meetings, and those people choose the books. If I still read books like I used to, this would be a good book club for me, at least based on the format and locations.)

 The Jacksonville Beginning Swing Dancing Meetup Group We're 2,331 Swingers
(Not those kind of Swingers. Actually, those probably do exist here, but you'll have to peruse Craigslist for them.)

 Amazing Islanders We're 139 Amazing Islanders
(Go to the beach, play trivia, and bar hop. I'm cool with that, but I'll probably just do it on my own rather than join the group. I'd like to meet new friends that I want to invite out to the bar rather than go hang out at the bar with people who are yet to be my friends...I know, it's kind of the same but kind of not.)

Jacksonville Health Coach Collective We're 10 Members
(You kind of have to be a health coach or understand what one is in order to join.)

 The Jacksonville Social Group We're 6,312 Singles
(It's for singles or people who have gotten married and "forgot" to remove themselves from the group. Averaging around 10 people per event. I would not have been successful with those odds, but I was never a good single...I'm more of a wingman.)

 Pole, Dance, and Aerial Fitness We're 551 Pole Divas
(This is more of a philosophical difference I have. Why would women who are not strippers want to specifically learn how to dance using a device that is associated primarily with strippers? I am sure it's a good workout and it's a turn-on for bored husbands, but it's still what women do who get paid to take off their clothes for a living, so wrap your legs around that one for a moment.)

 Sustainable Jacksonville We're 496 Advocates for Sustainability
(One or two meetings a year probably won't affect change very much, even if the ideas are generally good ones.)

 First Coast Holistic Alliance We're 51 Members 
(It's mostly a group for people who run holistic businesses or something. Not just for people who like the idea of it.)

Couples Meetup Group We're 655 Members
(My wife and I are seriously considering this group. It seems to be a good way for us to meet new people and see new things. However, unlike some of the other groups, this one is not really based on specific interests, so I'm not sure if all the date nights would fit our expectations. Some gaps in planned events, but at least it's something to put on the calendar if we like it.)

 Downtown JAX Meetup We're 142 Mild-Mannered Miscreants
(Things to do downtown with couples or singles. We like the feel of the areas surrounding downtown, and we'll continue to explore, but it'll probably be on our own, since we don't live as close as the members of this group seem to.)

 Small Business Consulting Services (Jacksonville, FL) We're 606 Small Business Owners
(I saw that the price for luncheons went up, and the organizer said it was because of all the value he is bringing to the group in response to a question about it. As someone thinking about joining, that's kind of sassy. I'm sure there's value in the meeting, but as someone looking to join, I kind of decided against it based on the tone of the response, especially from a financial planner, who makes his money off playing with other people's money, not necessarily from being truly concerned with the success of small businesses in the area.)

 OUTdoorsy: Jacksonville LGBT Outdoors Adventures We're 702 Adventurers
(This will be a theme to use the word OUT as part of groups meant for variations of the LGBT alphabet soup. I assume it also refers to being outdoors, like outside. Anyhow, there are over 9,000 photos, so if you want to see all the places the group has been, take a gander. )

 Team RWB Jacksonville We're 247 Eagles
(Physical and social activities for veterans. I am not a vet. It also seems to involve run/walks and crossfit events, so that's a big not4me.)

(WHY ARE THESE WIDOWS AND WIDOWERS SCREAMING?! Seriously, all caps are annoying on Meetup or CL or email. Another specific group neither I nor my wife would want to have to join, but it could be good for some, depending on the topic of conversation.)

 Voices of the Southside We're 16 Members
(I guess there are only 16 voices on the Southside. Oh, it's a Toastmaster club, so they give speeches and stuff. I used to teach speech and don't dread it, so I'm OK. I can't handle meeting actual human people in person; speeches are easy. Also, I accidentally joined this group while looking at it. Oops!)

 Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Marketplace (JAX REIM) We're 1,967 Investors
(It's an interesting concept to bring together competitors to discuss how to all be successful. Perhaps there are strategies that can benefit all of the real estate investors, but I guess I assume they're really competing for the same properties. I suppose you can ask others which contractors to hire and how to get out of paying taxes and whatnot.)

 Teacher To Teacher We're 96 Members
(Having been a teacher, I did not want to join a group in order to complain about my job. Maybe that's why there are so many IT-type meetups--they don't have anything to complain about besides no one at work understanding what they do all day. I understand what teachers do, so I say let them have a day off.)

Jacksonville Social Sports and Events We're 142 Members
(Cornhole, flag football, kickball, volleyball, etc. It looks like all young peeps in this one, not that I'd suck, but I just know what it's like to feel old on a sports team. I also tore my groin playing kickball as an adult, about 10 years ago now, and it still hurts. So be careful out there.)

 Winers, Diners, & Socializers - Live @ the Beaches We're 985 Socializers
(Fun people who want to eat and drink. In fact, this group has a decent number showing for each monthly meal, so the members probably are fun. Wednesday's rarely would work for me, so there it is.)

 Coworking in Jacksonville We're 764 Coworkers 
(Every time I see coworking and not co-working, I think someone is working with cows. But I'm from Wisconsin, where more people DO work with cows. Instead, this group meets so that freelancers can work alongside one another rather than from home. I don't understand it, but I have not tried it. I guess I'd follow the rules of not networking, and that would likely mean no one would ever get to know me or my talents, and then it would have been something I could have done at home.)

Jacksonville Young Professionals We're 3,445 YPs
(Here's something most of these over 3,000 young professionals did not know: you are annoying to most segments of society. Why? 1. You're young. 2. You make more money that your youth or talent warrant. 3. You have a college degree that means a lot to you but was really about attrition. If this degree in anything was difficult to earn, that's sad. 4. You're young.

 BUNCO - Lets Roll! We're 100 Bunco Babes
(I am not a woman and I don't tend to like games, but this is a good group if you're into the game. Some food, some drink, maybe new friends, and a game.)

 Jacksonville Design Thinking Meetup 6 interested >
(I am surprised six people have interest in "design thinking," since I can't think of what that means, and I'm a web designer.

 Mixing Business & Pleasure (Friday Golf Outing) We're 96 Members
(I'd love to join this group in order to help my own business, but I am just terrible at golf. And I have not even swung the clubs since my kids were born. I can actually drive it fairly far, into trees, and I have a good 9-iron, but then I'm apt to four-put my way into very high scores. It would be hard to make a good impression on other businessmen while standing in a bunker, swearing my fool head off. That said, I like the format of brief intros, golf, and then some time to mingle. Cost? I'm not sure, but the newest meeting is at Windsor Parke (what is a parke?), which sounds expensive and kind of stupid at the same time.)

 Jacksonville Magickal Meetup Group We're 93 Magickians
(Are members called magicians or magic-ians? Don't answer, as it does not really matter to me. In the further description, it calls them magickans. It also does not say what Magick is. A game, no? Probably a magickal game with wizards and such. I am not the right person to play this game, but if you do play, I am sure it makes sense to seek out other magick(i)ans, so here they are.)

 Jacksonville Grapes & Hops We're 1,322 Wine Enthusiasts & Beer Lovers
(Really, I'm not a beer snob. However, most of the past beer meetings for this group have been at Anheuser Busch, and that's the kind of place a college frat house might have a beer tasting. And I just wonder if the lack of certainty has caused the fairly low this a wine club or a beer club? How many people really appreciate both, especially on the same evening? In theory, I like that they don't want to be snobs, but isn't that really part of being a wine aficionado? I guess I get the impression that it's Franzia and Busch Light for this group, which would mean it's more of a wasting rather than tasting.)

 A Course In Miracles Jacksonville We're 275 Students
(If you are one of those a la carte religion folks, this is probably good for you. Or it's not; you decide. 2.5 members per meeting on average, with one as the leader, means most people around here are deciding one of the thousands of other paths.)

 NEW North Florida Ethereum Meetup We're 57 Members
(Maybe I should know more about the bitcoin bubble, but it's really too late for me, anyhow. Profit takers are already invested and ready to sell off their investments in nothing. Since I don't understand it, and I believe the only thing that can possibly happen is loss of my money by getting involved with it, I'll stay away and let the Russian hackers and Nigerian millionaires get their profits. OR this is the greatest opportunity of our time, which is probably why 40 people went to the first meetup.)

 TGIF Fun Times & Good Friends We're 195 Members
(Another ironically-named group, since the last meetup was on a Saturday. And the one two before that was on a Sunday. Looks like drinking and talking. Locations are hidden until you become a member, which is kind of annoying in deciding whether to join. However, the description does say Saint Johns, FL, so that's a ways south, anyhow.)

 Experts of Influence - Business Growth Group We're 65 Experts
(I do not know what this group gives people, but it promises to allow people to work smarter, not harder, and how to become a celebrpeneur. And do you know what celebrepeneurs sell? Opportunities for others to learn how to work less and make more money. But you always have to take one more class in order to eventually learn that, if this is the typical system I've seen before. And tickets for this one are $27 each.

 Jacksonville Business Meetup & Exchange We're 2,889 Members

 Jacksonville Elementals Meetup Group We're 35 Elementals

 Latinos en St. Augustine "Networking Entrepreneur" We're 48 Latinos

Entreprenuers Empowr2Elev8 Business & Referral Network: Jacksonville We're 3 Change Agents 

Game and Party Group (Ages 25-49) We're 429 Party People

 NEW Jacksonville Business Meetup We're 44 Members

 North Florida Cruising Club We're 452 Sailors

 Jacksonville Touch Rugby We're 22 Touchies

 Microsoft Developers User Group - Jacksonville We're 671 Geeks

 Latina Moms of Orange Park & Jax Social Club We're 56 Amigas

 North Florida Xamarin User Group We're 279 Xamarinians

 Jacksonville Urban Professionals We're 39 Members

 North Florida Inventors/Innovators Group previously CoLabJax We're 553 Creators

 Jacksonville's Networking Group We're 879 Meetup Members

 NEW The Real Estate Investor Network We're 49 Members

 Jacksonville 20's and 30's Hang Out We're 1,565 Awesome people

 Jacksonville Goddess Meetup Group We're 103 Goddess Practitioners

 Orange Park Spanish Workshops We're 777 Spanish lovers

 CRASH TESTERS of JAX We're 21 Crashers

 Duval Audubon Society We're 1,216 Subscribers

 Libertarian Party of Duval County Florida We're 96 Libertarians

 For anyone who like motorcycles We're 483 Bikers

 Jazz Jammers of Jacksonville We're 28 people

 Jacksonville Shopping Annuity Enthusiasts We're 18 Members

 NEW Jacksonville Aromatherapy Meetup: Essential Oils 101 We're 40 Members

 Foodie Lunch Bunch of Jacksonville & St. Augustine We're 71 Lunch Bunchers

 Jacksonville Ukulele Society We're 220 Members Jax Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate Investors We're 271 Members

 JACKSONVILLE First Coast Newcomers Adult Adventures We're 456 First Coast Fun N Sun Seekers

 NEW Red Curtain Mastermind for Real Estate We're 50 Members

 Jacksonville Area Parents of Estranged Children We're 36 Members

 Jacksonville Dancers We're 1,039 Dancers

 Jacksonville Software Architects Group We're 1,003 Software Developers & Architects

 #StartupJax We're 1,202 Starters

 Jacksonville Vegan Meetup We're 758 Members

 Toastmasters International D84 Division A We're 275 Toastmasters

 Jax Freestyle Book Club for Real Readers We're 827 Freestyle Readers

 Jacksonville English as a Second Language Meetup Over 50 interested >

 LifeTree Cafe Conversations about Life & Faith We're 176 Friends

 NEW Jacksonville Aromatherapy Meetup: Essential Oils 101 We're 40 Members

 ROJ: Roleplayers of Jacksonville We're 1,297 Players and GMs

 Classical Conversations Jacksonville Beaches Area We're 89 Classical homeschoolers

 Jacksonville Metaphysical / Energy Healing and more... We're 511 spiritual friends

 Jax Node.js UG We're 540 Noders

 Jacksonville Touch Rugby We're 22 Touchies

 Adopt Don't Shop Florida We're 8 Members

 Jax Beach Runners We're 864 JBRs

 Street party We're 988 Originals

 Jacksonville Fire Dragons We're 1,106 paddlers

 Jacksonville Conversation Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Saving Animals Via Education (Animal Rights, Florida) We're 635 Animal Rights activists

 MudDucks SUP and Kayak Cleanup We're 260 MudDucks 

French Anyone!? We're 439 Francophiles

 Mankind Project Igroup We're 43 Members 

The Coalition For Parenting Equality We're 2 Members

 Seven Bridges - BNI at Deercreek Country Club We're 223 Members

 Flower of Life CirclesANDCeremonies We're 40 Flower Petals

 Stand Up Paddle Jacksonville We're 2,647 Paddleboarders

 Glorified Crew We're 34 Riders

 NEW Newbies of Jax We're 34 Members

 Jax 20s social We're 742 Members

 Jacksonville Friends Over 50 We're 82 Friends

 Wine Lovers of Jax Beaches We're 2,023 Jax Wine Lovers & Enthusiast

 First Coast Scuba Club We're 154 Scuba Divers

 2600/DC904 We're 64 Members

 Jacksonville Magickal Meetup Group We're 93 Magickians

 Reiki & Energy Healing - Jacksonville, FL We're 481 Seekers

 Network After Work - Jacksonville Networking Events We're 3,051 Networkers

 Jacksonville Bitcoin, Blockchain, Litecoin, Ethereum Meet-up We're 252 Bitcoiners

 LGBTQIA+ Support Group/Safe Space We're 79 Knights

 Jacksonville Pickup Soccer Meetup We're 379 Ballers

 Sidetrackers Outdoor and Active Singles Meetup Group We're 4,720 Sidetrackers

Singles Akashic Record Group of Jacksonville, FL We're 95 Members

 Sportbike Meetup We're 624 Members 

Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club We're 412 Dragon Boaters

 Jacksonville Tennis Meetup Group We're 61 Tennis Players

 Lavender Lilies Book Club We're 91 Lilies 

JaxDUG We're 503 Developers, Software Engineers

 Intuition Development Dinner Meetup We're 198 Members

 Republican Liberty Caucus of Northeast Florida We're 358 RLC'ers

 Grown-Up Nerdy Friends of North Florida We're 740 Nerdy Friends

 Renaissance Jax We're 705 Members

 Holistic Chamber of Commerce - Jacksonville East We're 139 Holistic Community members

 Jacksonville fun group We're 50 Whoever love to have fun

 Jacksonville Cryptocurrency Meetup 14 interested >

 Scrapbook, Stamp and Socialize We're 576 Paper Crafters

 Spiritual / Metaphysical and more.... We're 1,162 Spiritual People 

Connected JAX We're 80 Members 

Beaches Christian Singles We're 92 Beaches Christian Singles

 JAX CA$HFLOW 101 Community We're 347 Aspiring Financial Independents

 JAX Cruises Meetup We're 187 JAX Cruisers

 Marketplace Ministries - Faith at Work We're 19 Members

 Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Center We're 858 Meditators

 Top O' The Rock Toastmasters Club! We're 133 Club members

 The Jacksonville Adult Flag Football Meetup Group We're 1,087 Flag Football Players

 Jacksonville Wedding Vendors Meetup We're 168 Wedding Professionals

 CELESTIAL LIGHTWORKERS, Spiritual Development We're 326 Lightworkers

 Running for Brews Jax Beach - 5k Beer Running Club We're 448 Brews Runners

 Jacksonville Board & Card Game Meetup Group We're 124 Card & Board Games & Trivia Too

 The Way of the Shaman-Jacksonville & The Beaches We're 348 Shaman

 Film Connoisseurs of Jacksonville We're 1,058 Cinephiles

 NEW Hiking and Biking: Outdoors Meetup We're 50 Members

 JAX #Legends Meetup We're 59 Legends

 Bucket List Travelers We're 211 Members

 Jacksonville SQL Server User Group We're 1,141 Members

 Jax 35 & Up Social Singles We're 431 Socializers

 The Jacksonville Atheist, Agnostic, Secular Meetup Group We're 1,033 Non-theists

 Career Network Outreach (CNO) - Jacksonville, FL We're 242 Career Networkers

Jacksonville Volleyball Group We're 185 Diggers

 Jacksonville (Southside) Co-ed Basketball Meetup We're 215 Ballers

 PyJax: Jacksonville Python Users We're 367 Members

 Jacksonville Drone Professionals We're 208 Operators

 Northeast Florida Vegetarian Society We're 2,171 Vegetarians, Vegans

 Celebrate Recovery at Hope in Jacksonville Meetup We're 54 Members

 Defense/Offense Firearm & Self Defense Training School We're 10 Members

 MessyMiracles We're 105 MessyMiracles

 OUT at the Movies: A LGBT film geek gathering! We're 461 FIlm Geeks

 Florida Hypnotherapy Center We're 841 Members

 Performance Great Ride Series: Jacksonville We're 509 Bicycling enthusiasts

 Jacksonville Argentine Tango Meetup We're 182 Tango Dancers

Jacksonville Beach New Friends Meetup We're 90 Happy and Fun Friends

 Discover Big Pottsberg Creek via Kayak or SUP We're 24 Members

 Jacksonville Florida IT Server Group We're 933 Administrators

 Jacksonville Network Security User Group We're 62 Members

 Jacksonville Asatru Meetup Group We're 76 Asatru

 The Jacksonville Beginner's Salsa & Latin Dance Class We're 2,818 Latin Lovers


 GET A FRESH START- FREE Home Buying Seminar We're 19 Future Homeowners

 Chakradance - Rhythm for Your Soul We're 82 Chakradancers Rhythm 4 Your Soul

 The Jacksonville Happiness and Empowerment Club We're 1,295 Members

 Jacksonville Beach Fiber Artist Meetup We're 15 Members

 Jacksonville Whispering Lotus Yoga by Angie We're 1,074 Yogis, Yoginis

 Social Media Talk We're 405 Members

 Jacksonville Interaction Design Meetup 49 interested > 

Tech on Target - Jax We're 145 Members

 JaxRaw - NorthEast Florida's Raw & Living Foods Meetup We're 1,445 JaxRaw Members

 Jacksonville Witches and Witchcraft Meetup Group We're 212 Witches

 North Florida Natural Fiber Society We're 48 Fiber Fanatics 

Jax Stroller Strength We're 33 Members

 Jacksonville Good Life (Ages 21-45) We're 2,972 People Living the Good Life

 The study of the Divine group We're 276 Spiritual Uplifts study group

 Jacksonville Pagans and Paganism Meetup Group We're 117 Pagans

 NEW 45+ Fun Time with Friends We're 129 Members

 Riverside Runners We're 1,216 Riverside Runners

 Half-Day Goals & Planning Retreats We're 37 Members

 Jacksonville Beauty and Fashion Industry Meetup We're 199 Members

 Skirts in the City We're 65 Skirts 

Magic: the Gathering & other card games We're 268 Gamers

 Heartfulness Jacksonville We're 886 Meditators

 Kailo Nutrition We're 318 Members 

Fun Social Ballroom Dance Group We're 1,595 Dancers

 Jacksonville AutoCAD Group We're 182 CAD buddies

 Rising Tides Meetup ~ Young Professionals for SJRK We're 441 Rising Tides

 Northeast Florida Preparedness We're 1,199 Preppers 

Dance Salsa Jax We're 862 Dance Family

 URBAN WINE BUFFS We're 196 Wine Buffs

 Seabreeze Singles Square Dance Club We're 42 friends

Jacksonville LGBTQ Business Professionals We're 1,209 Business Professionals

 Jacksonville Color Happy Meetup We're 14 Butterflies

 The Jacksonville Doctor Whovians We're 119 Whovians

 Permaculture Jax We're 1,034 Permaculture Jax

 Jacksonville ET Abduction/Experiencer Support Group We're 20 Xperiencers

 JAX Small Business Networking We're 1,055 Small Business Owners

 Freedom Real Estate Investing We're 870 Freedom Finders 

My Marriage Matters We're 33 Members 

Jacksonville Drawing Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Jacksonville DESKTOP Linux Users We're 42 DESKTOP LINUX Users

 Jacksonville West Coast Swing Dance FREE Beginner Classes We're 980 West Coast Swing Dancers

 AppleJax Meetup We're 178 Members


 Hell On Heels We're 216 Members

 Jacksonville Travel Lovers and Social Meetup We're 740 social travel lovers

 Jacksonville Cloud Computing Meetup We're 486 Members

 Be Well Jax Yoga, Mindfulness, and Other Depression Support We're 422 Members

 The Jacksonville Photography Meetup Group We're 3,221 Photographers

 Outdoor Afro Jacksonville We're 175 Outdoor Afros

 Jacksonville Front End Development We're 40 Members

 Jacksonville Ping Pong Meetup We're 313 Ping Pong Enthusiasts

 Brew Theology: Jax We're 29 Members 

Downtown Rotaract Jax a YP Group We're 373 Rotaractors

 AWS User Groups of Florida - Jacksonville We're 155 Cloudsters

 Taoist Tai Chi Beginners Meetup We're 165 Members

 Information Security Professionals We're 8 Members

 Jacksonville Line Dancing By Lavender We're 19 Line Dancers

 Mindfulness Meditation & Life, Business Coaching We're 128 Members

 Exceptional Abilities Ballroom Dance We're 31 Members

 Jacksonville community Meetup powered by Twitch We're 85 Members

 Doggy Play Dates We're 883 Members

 Create Your New Beginning We're 81 Members

 Florida Trail - North Florida Trailblazers We're 1,936 Hiking Enthusiasts 

Jax.Ex We're 116 Elixirists

 Jax Tibetan Buddhism Meditation Group We're 794 Meditators

endXmeat We're 464 Members 

Jacksonville Real Estate Deal Maker Sessions ™ We're 173 Members

 Jacksonville Paranormal Investigations We're 22 Members

 Jacksonville Cryptocurrency Meetup 14 interested > 

Joyous Journeys Travelers We're 165 Members

 Jacksonville PowerShell User Group We're 57 Members 

#Resist: Jacksonville We're 699 Members

 Jacksonville Soto Zen Meditation Group We're 157 meditators

 NEW NE FL Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group We're 25 Members

 NEW Progressive Ballroom and Latin Group Classes Meetup We're 23 Members

 Big Data Jax We're 1,707 Enthusiasts

 Jacksonville 20's Black Connect We're 48 Connect

 World Golf Village & St. Johns FUN FUN FUN! We're 169 Members

 Jacksonville Weight Loss Meetup We're 50 Members

 Bubbles Up Jacksonville We're 356 Scuba Divers

 Jacksonville Taoist Tai Chi Beginners Meetup We're 279 Members

 North Florida Agile Meetup We're 472 Members 

JAX Qlik Users Group We're 36 Members

 Welcoming All Jacksonville Game Developers! We're 63 Members

 First Coast Freethought Society We're 965 freethinkers

 Upscale Bruthas N Sisthas of Jax We're 31 Bruthas N Sisthas

 Jacksonville Active Dogs and Owners Meetup We're 110 Members

 Fitness + Fun = Results We're 584 Members

 Yoga-Crystal Bowl Meditations Jacksonville We're 105 Yoga-Crystal Bowls Jacksonville

 Jacksonville Aerial Arts Meetup We're 9 Members

 Jacksonville Small Breed Dog Lovers We're 194 Small dog lovers

 Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Association "JaxReia" We're 545 Members

 Jacksonville Salesforce Developer Group We're 210 Developers

 Jacksonville Real Estate Investors of Florida Meeting We're 1,278 Members

 Have You Had A Spiritual Experience? ECKANKAR Jacksonville We're 171 Spiritual Seekers

 Jax Weekday Motorcycle Rides We're 32 Members 

Kuna Coworking Meetup We're 110 Members

 Humanist Book Discussion Group - Jacksonville We're 208 Humanists

 All About Ballroom We're 84 Members

Jacksonville Taoist Tai Chi Chuan Meetup We're 89 Members

 Crazy Campers (and other assorted nuts) We're 59 Crazy Campers

 NEW Jacksonville Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Meetup exJWs wanted Center for Spiritual Living Jacksonville We're 381 Members

 Jacksonville Tennis League | We're 311 Tennis Player

 NEW SIP Night Jax Tech Professionals wanted Sunshine Sprouts We're 48 Sprouts

 Group Travel for Singles We're 3,308 Single Travelers 

Hyperledger Jacksonville We're 39 Members

 NEW Government Contractors Association FL We're 10 Members

Live 2 Lead We're 62 Members

 Jacksonville Community Service Meetup We're 50 Members

 Power to Exhale Jacksonville We're 192 Queens

 Jacksonville Gay Men's Social Group Meetup We're 161 Members

 Jacksonville Real Estate Investing Meetup We're 84 Members 

Loveline Toussaint We're 21 Members 

Jacksonville Adventure People We're 250 Adventure People

 Jacksonville Collaboration between Creative Minds Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Jacksonville Pagan Pride Community We're 21 Pagans

 Nocatee Game Night Meetup We're 10 Members

 Clogging Meetup, Mon, 6:30-8:30 pm, Hendricks Ave Baptist We're 50 Cloggers

 St Sharbel We're 12 Members

 NEW please delete this groupe Humans wanted

 Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce Meetup We're 305 Members

 The Jacksonville Shetland Sheepdog Meetup Group We're 181 Sheltie Lovers

 P.A.L.E. Hearts We're 6 Members

 Unity Church of Jacksonville Meetup Group We're 517 Truth Students

 Holistic Education & Empowering Live Events (JAX) We're 1,658 Community Members

 #Resist: Orange Park We're 124 Members

 NEW NE FL UFOlogists and ET Meetup Group We're 27 Members

 Jacksonville Taoist Tai Chi Chuan Meetup We're 89 Members

 GTO Health & Wellness Meetup We're 36 members

 NEW Jacksonville Nutrition, Vegan & Vegetarian Meetup We're 50 Members

 Cosmic Church of Truth We're 370 Members

 First Coast Naturists We're 118 nudists, naturists

 NEW Progressive Ballroom and Latin Group Classes Meetup We're 23 Members

 Jacksonville Casino Players Club We're 40 Members

 Motorcyclists Jacksonville Favre Motorcycles We're 73 Favre's motorcyclists

 First Coast Corgis We're 138 Corgi Lovers

NEW Technology in Motion We're 31 Members

 Jacksonville Weight Loss Masterminds We're 50 Members

 Jax Health by Design Meetup We're 350 health enthusiasts 

Sailors Haven We're 99 Members

 Jacksonville Filmmaking Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Cash Me At Brunch, How Bout Dah Meetup We're 15 Members

 Jacksonville Naturally Healthy Moms We're 21 Crunchy Mamas

 Jacksonville Ballroom Dancing Meetup We're 551 Ballroom Dancers

 Jacksonville Power BI User Group (PUG) We're 168 Members 

Line Dancing We're 60 Members 

Jacksonville Craft Beer Lovers Meetup We're 186 Craft Beer Lovers

 Florida Sea Kayak Meetup --- FSK-Me We're 482 Paddlers

 NEW Let’s Talk Business We're 26 Members

 Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for Personal Transformation We're 69 Members

 20s'-30s Sunday&Weekday/Nights hangout We're 248 Weekday Crew

 PRO-NET Jacksonville We're 1,205 Members

 Jacksonville Country Western Dancing We're 141 CW Dancers

 The Jacksonville Dachshund Meetup Group We're 686 Dachshund Lovers

 Weight Loss and fitness (Mandarin) We're 1,390 Mandarin Healthsouls

 Jacksonville Business Connections We're 507 Members

 Sierra Club Northeast Florida Group We're 3,271 Environmental Activists

 Jacksonville Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Pros and Enthusiasts We're 88 Members

 NEW St. Johns Wedding & Event Planning Meetup Members wanted

 Jacksonville Druids Meetup Group We're 54 Druidae

 Line Dancing Tuesday We're 39 Members Living Non-Toxic, Body and Home We're 34 Members

 NEW Japanese Language and Culture Study Group Members wanted

 Jacksonville UX Design Meetup Over 50 interested >

 NEW Pickup Soccer for the real ones We're 12 Members

 GAEA We're 352 Gaean Pagans MOTO 17 JAX We're 43 Riders

 Ponte Vedra Area Professionals Networking Breakfast We're 383 Professionals

 Jacksonville Astrology Meetup We're 19 Members

 NEW Jacksonville Living with Disabilities Meetup (RADD) Members wanted

 Access Consciousness - Jacksonville, Florida We're 75 Joyful Conscious BEings

 Saint Johns Fashionista Meetup We're 104 Fashionistas

 Endurance House Jax Tuesday Night Run We're 447 Runners

 Stampin' Up!: iStampin' Paper Crafts & Rubber Stamp Meetup We're 75 iStampin' Crafters

 Jacksonville MuleSoft Meetup Group We're 89 Members

 WOMEN OF COLOR:artists:film makers:designers:ARE YOU READY!! We're 217 Members

 Beaches/Ponte Vedra Professional Networking Group We're 588 Members

 Cowford Couples (Jacksonville - Date Nights, etc) We're 100 Cowford Couples

 Seminole Canoe and Kayak Club We're 63 Members

 Our Village Moms Group - FIT4MOM Ponte Vedra Beach / Nocatee We're 18 Members

 Simply BeYouTiFul We're 156 BeYouTiFul Ladies 

NEW Landlording Meetup We're 26 Members 

Joyful Journey Book Club We're 45 Joyful Journeyers

 NEW Jacksonville Board Games Meetup We're 13 Members

 Marketing Tips With A Glass Of Wine We're 2 Business Professionals

 Busy Moms and Tots of Jacksonville We're 69 Busy Moms and Tots

 Doodles of Jacksonville We're 316 Doodle Lovers

 North Florida Inventors/Innovators Group We're 1,034 New Product Developers

 Orange Park Christian Ministry Meetup We're 32 Members

 The Shops Of Normandy Jacksonville Knit & Crocheters meetup We're 199 Knitters-Crocheters-Krafters

 Jacksonville Saving Money Meetup We're 1 member 

Sacred Body Rythms We're 93 Healers

 Jacksonville Miniatures Group We're 180 Gamers

 NEW Jacksonville Single Parent & Family Fun Members wanted

 Jacksonville Tastytrade Stock & Options Meetup We're 41 Members

 Sunshine Connections We're 637 Members

 Weight Loss and fitness-Oakleaf We're 463 Oakleaf Healthsouls

 Black Geeks/Nerds of Jacksonville, FL We're 241 Blerds

 Nassau County Fearless Love Culture We're 7 Nassau County Fire 🔥 Starters  I was Never Enough Until We're 45 Members

 Amelia Insight We're 109 Members

 Weight Loss and fitness (Orange Park) We're 1,190 Fitness and health souls

 Florida Sport-Tour Riders We're 16 Riders Saint Johns Permaculture Network We're 96 Members

 Jax/Orange Park Leather Crafts Meetup We're 8 Members

 Orange Park Young at Heart! (30s, 40s, 50s Women) We're 20 Girls

 Jacksonville Rock Climbing and Bouldering Meetup We're 49 Climbers

 Guiding Light Spiritual Growth Group We're 77 Light Seekers

 Fleming Island/Clay County Beach Volleyball Meetup We're 66 Members

 Jacksonville Monopoly Meetup We're 25 Monopolist

 NEW Fleming Island Personal Growth & Development Meetup Members wanted

 Mothers' Circle Meetup We're 27 Moms "When TSHTF in Callahan" Plan We're 25 Members

 Amelia Insight We're 109 Members

 Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville We're 465 Women Writers

 Bunco Babes of Fleming Island We're 9 Bunco Babes

 Jacksonville International and Exchange Students Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Conscious Connections We're 135 Manifesting Spirits

 Jax Gun Club We're 13 Members

 Destination Yoga We're 19 Members

 XSTravels We're 85 Thrifty Travelers

 Jacksonville Single Parents Meetup We're 50 Parents in quiet homes

 Jacksonville Startup: Idea to IPO We're 306 Entrepreneurs

 Explorer Chicks of Jacksonville We're 243 Explorer Chicks 

By Our Love Missions We're 9 Members

 Ponte Vedra Moms Meetup We're 5 Members

 Jax Paddle Sports/ Hagan Coastal Outfitters Meetup We're 76 Members

 Orange Park Tiny, Mini, and Micro-Homes. We're 50 Members

 Women's Business Luncheon We're 1,813 Chics

 Fierce & Fabulous- Jacksonville We're 61 I am Fierce Sistahs Supporting Sistashs We're 1,657 Sisters 

JAX Female Veterans Meetup We're 85 JAX Sapphires

TCFC - Planning and Goals Retreats - Mid-Year Check Up We're 8 Members

 Jacksonville Social Entrepreneur Meetup We're 49 Members

 Wednesday Sunset Women's Golf We're 34 Golfers

 Jacksonville Latin@s! We're 152 Members

 Black Girls Camp We're 450 Members 

Jacksonville Project Management Meetup We're 78 Members

 Jacksonville Conversation Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Amazing Astronomy Events! We're 124 Members

JAX Muslim Sisters Meetup We're 11 Members

 Jacksonville Moms Meetup We're 84 Members

 JAX WiIT (Women in Information Technology) We're 286 JAX WiIT

 Jacksonville Golf Group Meetup We're 160 Golfers Ladies Morning Bible Study - Westside We're 26 Members

 Science, Nature, Knowledge! Life is not a transient stop... We're 40 EARTHLINGS

 Building Bridges for Women in Business We're 1,400 Professionals

 Jacksonville Moms Support Meetup We're 50 Members

 Jacksonville Social Anxiety Support Group Meetup We're 15 Members

 React Native Jax We're 164 Members Jacksonville Young Survival Coalition Face 2 Face Networking We're 21 Members

 Christian Women Preachers United-Jacksonville We're 68 Members

 Jacksonville YANA (You Are Not Alone) Sisters We're 1,122 YANASISTERS

 Jacksonville Women's Fitness Meetup We're 313 Members

 Jacksonville Kitesurfing We're 75 Members

 50+ Christian Women We're 30 50+ Creative Christian Women

 Jacksonville Game Development Meetup We're 6 Members

 Life Coaches Wanted: A training series for women of color. We're 403 Members

 Women and Minorities in Technology Conference We're 14 Professionals

 ABWA - Orange Park Charter Chapter - Women's Networking We're 285 Members

 Women's March Florida, Jacksonville Chapter We're 170 Women's March Jax Members

 Jacksonville Life Insurance vs Term Insurance Meetup We're 4 Members

 Girls Mingling We're 728 Girls

 Red Hat OpenShift Jax We're 63 Members

 Fem City Jacksonville We're 92 FEMS 

Lioness Link-Ups (Female Veterans) We're 57 Lioness'

 Japanamaniacs We're 110 Members

 NEW Ladies Preparing for Love We're 33 Members

 Delo Studios, downtown Jacksonville, Fl We're 148 Members THE PLACE Meetup We're 132 Career-Minded Professionals

 Phenomenal Women Retreat We're 50 Members

 Fleming Island Whole Foods Plant Based We're 19 Members

 Ponte Vedra Woman's Club Social & Charity Events Meetup We're 342 PVWC

 Beaches/Southside Married & Engaged Ladies Ages 25-40 We're 234 Married & Engaged Ladies

 Jacksonville Healthy Eating Meetup Over 50 interested > 

Trail Blazers Rise We're 55 Members Makers Women of JAX - DIY We're 542 Maker Women of JAX

 Jacksonville John Maxwell Team Mastermind We're 48 Members

 Women in Power Networking Luncheon We're 1,355 Members

 NEW Womens Walking And Hiking We're 151 Members

 My Ladies Craft, Book Club and Social Group We're 177 Friends Jacksonville Workplace Safety Meetup We're 13 Members

 Jacksonville Women: It's Time We Play! We're 476 Women One Voice Jax We're 16 One Voice Supporters 

"Orange Park" Women's Walking and Social Group We're 36 Walking Talking Pals

 JacksonvilleMetro Real Estate Investors Association (JIA) We're 124 Real Estate Investors

 She Rises - Events for Women We're 26 Members 

Southside Woman's Club We're 15 Members

 Kitesurf Jacksonville 101 We're 96 Members

 Ladies in the City Social Group of Jax We're 16 Members

 Modern Mommy Meetup We're 94 Members

 Jacksonville Ladies Group Fitness/Self-Defense Meetup We're 834 Challengers

 Women of Color Network Group We're 716 Members

 FB Mastery of Jacksonville & NE Florida We're 17 Members

 Coffee Connect: Women's Power Networking-San Marco We're 328 professionals

 NativeScript Jax We're 64 Engineers

 "Good Times" - for active people in Orange Park. We're 33 "GoodTimers"

 True Essence Sisters Club 40 and over We're 4 Members

 The Jacksonville Girly Book Club We're 544 Members

 Jacksonville Spanish We're 68 Members 

Jax Twitch and Broadcasting Community We're 4 Members

 NEW Girl's Just want to have Fun We're 40 Members 

Serious Songwriters Group We're 50 Members

 Act 4 - Women Alive - We're 8 Members R.E.A.C.H. We're 507 Women

 Jacksonville Ski Club -- and Snowboarders too We're 366 Snow Thinkers

 Caregiver Connections We're 2 Members 

Jacksonville Financial Ministry Meetup We're 86 Members

 Sisterhood of Christian Entrepreneurs JAX Local Chapter We're 309 Members

 Fat Bottom Girlz, Florida We're 44 Members 

North East Florida NORML We're 50 Members

Jacksonville Lesbians Meetup We're 68 Lady Lovers

 Jacksonville Essential Oils Meetup We're 156 Oil Lovers & Wellness Junkies

 Finish Writing Your Book We're 422 Members are called, "Writers."

 The Jacksonville Golden Retriever Meetup Group We're 58 Golden Retriever Lovers

 Jacksonville English as a Second Language Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Jacksonville Project Management Meetup We're 78 Members

 Jacksonville Identity & Access Management User Group We're 7 IAM Professionals

 Jacksonville African American Freethinkers We're 67 African American Freethinkers

 Jacksonville ServiceNow Meetup We're 29 Members 

Jacksonville Kitesurfing We're 75 Members

 TCFC - Planning and Goals Retreats - Mid-Year Check Up We're 8 Members

 Technological Colony / STEM Campus / Mars Research We're 17 Away Team / Colonists

 Jacksonville Thelema Meetup Group We're 51 Thelemites

 Jacksonville Perl Mongers We're 101 Mongers

 Socially Innovative: Jacksonville Tech Meetup We're 222 Innovators

 Jacksonville Essential Oils Meetup We're 156 Oil Lovers & Wellness Junkies

 Jax.js We're 265 Members 

Metropolitan Community Church of Jax Beach We're 58 Congregants

 Female Christian Artists & Crafters We're 4 Members

 Jacksonville English Language Meetup Over 50 interested >

 South Jacksonville Travel Agent Rockstars We're 34 Travel Agent Rock-Stars

 Jax Beach Short Fiction We're 50 Short People

 Jax, Fla Spanish Conversation Meetup We're 71 Spanish Enthusiast

 Tech Talent South - Jacksonville We're 290 Members

 INTERNATIONAL SINGLE FRIENDS 45 PLUS We're 27 New International Friends

 VoiceoverCity - Jacksonville, Florida We're 54 VoiceActors 

Jax LunchMeet We're 159 Members 

Messages From Spirit - Jacksonville We're 236 High Vibers

 Jacksonville Beach Pagans We're 95 Members 

Jacksonville Golf Group Meetup We're 160 Golfers

 Life Recovery MeetUp Group (formerly MCC Jax Beach) We're 21 Members

 Jacksonville Social Entrepreneur Meetup We're 49 Members

 Kitesurf Jacksonville 101 We're 96 Members

 React Native Jax We're 164 Members

 Amazing Astronomy Events! We're 124 Members

 Jacksonville Beach Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Meetup We're 4 Members

 Bible research group We're 49 Members

 AIIM Florida Chapter - Jacksonville Meetup We're 10 Members

 Jacksonville Stocks and Options Trading Meetup We're 210 Members

 Jacksonville Social Anxiety Support Group Meetup We're 15 Members

 Happy Stampers and More! We're 78 Happy Stampers

 Bound Jacksonville BDSM We're 66 Lifestylers

 Jacksonville Game Development Meetup We're 6 Members

 Moms, Dads and Kids Meetup We're 533 Family Connectors

 Diverse Ummah Jacksonville We're 6 Members

 The Jacksonville Creative Circle Meetup We're 272 Creative Minded People

 Science, Nature, Knowledge! Life is not a transient stop... We're 40 EARTHLINGS

 Jacksonville Emergency and Family Preparedness We're 322 Prepared people

 Jax Poetry Fest April 7, 2017 We're 65 Poetry Fans

 Jacksonville Divorce Support Meetup We're 72 Members

 Westside Wonder Women We're 12 Members

 Jacksonville Startup: Idea to IPO We're 306 Entrepreneurs 

Welcome We're 114 Members

 Japanamaniacs We're 110 Members

 Natural Immunity We're 68 Members

 Beach Drum Circle At Sundown We're 336 Members

 Sitting On The Beach, Morning Meditation We're 283 Beach bodhisattvas

 Jax Singles Top Golf Meet Up We're 60 Top Singles

 Jax Hangout For 20's & 30's We're 501 Rockstars 

Food and Body Breakthrough We're 244 Members

 NativeScript Jax We're 64 Engineers

 The Jacksonville Network We're 74 Members 

North East Florida NORML We're 50 Members

 Caregiver Connections We're 2 Members

 Jacksonville Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Meetup We're 19 Knowledge Seekers

 Delo Studios, downtown Jacksonville, Fl We're 148 Members

 Crypto Currency Think Tank We're 35 Members

 Ponte Vedra Beach Weight Loss Meetup We're 50 Health seekers

 Jacksonville Japanese Culture Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Jacksonville Flag Football Meetup We're 115 Members

 Free River City Swing West Coast Swing BootCamp We're 95 Members

 Life, Death, and The Afterlife - The Doula Approach We're 19 Members

 Books & Bars We're 335 Members

 JAX Coders!! (& MaidSAFE Pod) We're 31 SAFE Devs

 Healthy Living- Mind, Body, & Soul Book Club We're 14 Members

 Global Professional Network Marketers We're 29 Network Marketing Entreprenuers

 Essential Oils 101: Natural health solutions We're 176 Friends Jacksonville Workplace Survival Meetup Group We're 52 Members

 JAX Beaches Kiwanis Club We're 50 Kiwanians

 Kendo Club in Jacksonville Florida We're 1 member 

One Voice Jax We're 16 One Voice Supporters

 BEACH RUN 6am We're 26 Members

 Private Poker Games at Nocatee We're 159 Rounders 

BIBO Survival - Preparedness/Self-Reliance/Green (PASRAG) We're 208 Preppers

 Ponte Vedra Weight Loss Meetup We're 34 Members

 Jacksonville Hearthstone Meetup We're 104 Gamers

 Altered Egos Comics & Games Events We're 106 Gamers

 Saint Johns Pokemon go Group We're 39 Members

 FASUG - Florida Apache Spark User Group We're 43 sparklers

 Jacksonville Women Establishing Career Dreams We're 290 Career women, Moms, Life Change

 webscale We're 58 Hyperscalers 

Group Fitness Classes @ The Edge Rock Gym We're 381 Members

 Jacksonville Style, Fashion, Charm and Modeling Meetup We're 119 Style and Fashion lovers

 Jacksonville Autism Meetup We're 116 Amazing Cruisers

 Transcend Autism Meetup - Jacksonville, FL Area We're 53 Members

 Women's SoulCollage® Circle of Jacksonville We're 79 Chronically Soulful

Jax VG We're 1 member

 Jacksonville DevOps Meetup We're 116 DevOp Engineers

 S.W.I.P. Sisters Walking In Purpose We're 2 Members

 Learn to Build a Web App! (Ruby on Rails) We're 393 Coders

 Jacksonville Small Business & Coworking Meetup We're 119

The Pride Business 24Hrs! We're 200 Business Professionals

 Square Dance Jacksonville We're 17 Rollaways

 Jacksonville Travel Agents Rockstars We're 11 Travel Agent Rock-Stars

 Jacksonville OMtrepreneurs We're 386 OMtrepreneurs

 Jacksonville Cyber Security for Control Systems We're 39 Professionals

 Jacksonville Language & Culture Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Lensfly Photographic Explorers We're 111 Lensflyers

 JAX Ladies love Craft Beers! We're 84 Craft Beer Lovers

 Barre Warriors of Jacksonville We're 48 Members

 Life, Death, and The Afterlife - The Doula Approach We're 19 Members

 Jacksonville Workplace Survival Meetup Group We're 52 Members

 Finish Writing Your Book We're 422 Members are called, "Writers."

 Jacksonville Christian Meetup We're 42 Members

 JAX Social Anxiety Elimination Workshop Group We're 191 Socialites in Training

 Jax Beach Short Fiction We're 50 Short People

 Jacksonville User Experience Meetup Over 50 interested >

 Jacksonville Ski Club -- and Snowboarders too We're 366 Snow Thinkers

 The Jacksonville Golden Retriever Meetup Group We're 58 Golden Retriever Lovers

 Jacksonville RV'ing Meetup We're 22 Members

 Jacksonville Emergency and Family Preparedness We're 322 Prepared people

 Classical Conversations Challenge Jax NE We're 4 Members

 Beastin' Bootcamp We're 54 Members

 Natural Immunity We're 68 Members

 Jax Twitch and Broadcasting Community We're 4 Members

 Jacksonville Beach Pagans We're 95 Members

 South Jacksonville Travel Agent Rockstars We're 34 Travel Agent Rock-Stars

 Group Fitness Classes @ The Edge Rock Gym We're 381 Members

 Lipstick Investors We're 240 Members

 Jacksonville Latin@s! We're 152 Members

 Jacksonville Social Anxiety Support Group Meetup We're 15 Members

 Female Christian Artists & Crafters We're 4 Members

 Jacksonville African American Freethinkers We're 67 African American Freethinkers

 Jax Tech We're 1,220 Innovators

 Orange Park Screenwriting Meetup We're 50 Members

 Orange Park Crafts & Cards Meetup We're 107 Members

 Ponte Vedra Weight Loss Meetup We're 34 Members 

Serious Songwriters Group We're 50 Members

 S.W.I.P. Sisters Walking In Purpose We're 2 Members

Women In Media Jax We're 14 Members

 Jacksonville Hearthstone Meetup We're 104 Gamers

 Kitesurf Jacksonville 101 We're 96 Members

 Caregiver Connections We're 2 Members

 Hogwarts and Ilvermorny Student Meetup We're 87 Students 

APIs & IPAs We're 455 Hustlers VoiceoverCity - Jacksonville, Florida We're 54 VoiceActors

 Jacksonville Design Thinking Meetup 6 interested >

 Jacksonville Aviators We're 29 Members

 Orange Park/Jacksonville Single Moms Meetup We're 10 Members

 Jacksonville 100 Days Comic Challenge Meetup We're 50 Comic Creators

 Future of Data: Jacksonville We're 74 Members

 Jacksonville Thelema Meetup Group We're 51 Thelemites

 Square Dance Jacksonville We're 17 Rollaways AIIM Florida Chapter - Jacksonville Meetup We're 10 Members

 Jacksonville Autism Meetup We're 116 Amazing Cruisers

 Crypto Currency Think Tank We're 35 Members 

Jacksonville Area Tennis Meetup We're 174 Players

 Jacksonville DevOps Meetup We're 116 DevOp Engineers

Jax LunchMeet We're 159 Members 

Jacksonville SharePoint Users Group We're 78 Members

 Messages From Spirit - Jacksonville We're 236 High Vibers

 Jacksonville Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Meetup We're 19 Knowledge Seekers

 Jacksonville Stocks and Options Trading Meetup We're 210 Members

 FB Mastery of Jacksonville & NE Florida We're 17 Members

 Jacksonville Business Strategy Meetup We're 36 Network Marketers

 Pilates Warriors of Jacksonville We're 59 Pilates Warriors

 Let's Learn Digital Marketing We're 31 Members

 Transcend Autism Meetup - Jacksonville, FL Area We're 53 Members

 Healthy Living- Mind, Body, & Soul Book Club We're 14 Members

 Network & Social - Jacksonville Networking Events We're 609 Networkers

 ScriptWorks Meetup We're 50 Members

 JacksonvilleMetro Real Estate Investors Association (JIA) We're 124 Real Estate Investors

 Jax Lesbian Supper Club We're 48 Fab ladies

 The Jacksonville Network We're 74 Members 

Food and Body Breakthrough We're 244 Members

 Jacksonville Workplace Safety Meetup We're 13 Members

 Do Cool Shit We're 68 Members

 COG- Children Of God We're 100 Members

 BEACH RUN 6am We're 26 Members

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