Wednesday, January 10

Florida LCMS Churches: Read This

Example of an abandoned website
If you're a member of a Florida LCMS church, you'll want to check yourself out on this list. It's basically a free website evaluation of every LCMS church in the state. Some churches that belong to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in Florida do a good job when it comes to websites, and this article recognizes those efforts. Many more churches could use at least some help, but it's often something they can do on their own. Still others either lack a website completely or have let their old website get really, really old.

The website you're looking at right now may not be the best option for a church website. It's mostly a blog. But if you have nothing at all, a blog is something. Luthernet, the firm that completed the website assessments, can help you decide the most economical way to move forward with a new website, even if it's on your own. Just ask.

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