Monday, January 1

New Year's Isn't Independence Day, People

Back when we had a German intern living with us, I remember asking what New Year's was like over there. She mentioned fireworks. We said that in America, fireworks are biggest on the 4th of July, especially when you're talking about the kind people set off in their own yards. I did not realize that five months after Independence Day, Jacksonville citizens engage in a second yearly opportunity to maim themselves and frighten dogs / my wife.

I don't dislike fireworks. In fact, I favor the use of these small explosives on New Year's more than the alternative of firing bullets into the air. Bullets can and do kill people when fired into the air because your gun is not powerful enough to launch a bullet into space. Drunk partiers with guns are worse than those with fireworks, in at least for innocent bystanders.

My wife could not sleep because of the noise, but if that's the worst that happens, I'm fine with the impromptu fireworks shows. The loudest and closest noise dissipated in our neighborhood by 12:30. However, I was still hearing booms in the distance until nearly 1 AM. Then a single boom at 1:23. And about ten at 1:43.

I do not know the general rule for where fireworks are launched on New Year's versus where they are not used. I know it's not a thing in Milwaukee. Lighting them with mittens or thick gloves would be a bad idea. I also did not hear any fireworks on New Year's in Kansas. Maybe it's Southern? Maybe Floridian? No matter, as long as people are keeping their guns in their glove compartments, I can handle a late night listening to the fun I used to have on New Year's.

2019 was brought in with fireworks once again. My neighborhood seemed to be silent by 1AM this year. The weather was so perfect that maybe the stash of handheld destruction only lasted until just after then new year.

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