Tuesday, January 23

Why Would a Website About Jacksonville Get International Hits?

I've built all kinds of websites, and I've even targeted some specifically at other countries. However, New Jax Witty was built for a very specific niche, which is why I'm surprised at some of the early numbers that show more international views than expected. I know that it's probably spammers in most cases, but usually international spammers take longer to find a website, so I wonder what's up.

Here's my best guess: this is a Blogger website. There are ways to find top domain websites that are also Blogger sites. As a blog, comments are turned on by default, though I have shut them off. Spammers love comment sections of websites. My #2 country after America is Ukraine, and I believe spammer is the only actual profession that exists there.

A Single Game?
The #3 country seeing this website is Israel. Since I wrote an article about Ga-Ga, which is like some kind of national sport in Israel. However, some of the keywords and my location may interest Israel in more of a national security way. Or there are all kinds of spammers there, too.

Fort Caroline
I have an article about Fort Caroline that might explain some of the hits from France. But I'm not sure many people in France today care too much about the Huguenots en Floride. Anyhow, France is the #6 country in pageviews.

New Homes
I read that a lot of people from Brazil buy homes in the Orlando area, sometimes just as investments. Maybe some of them are buying homes in Jax, too.

Maybe some people just stumble upon this website. The other countries in the top ten include Germany, India, Canada, Ireland, and Russia. I know Russians are spammaholics, but the other ones might be legit for some reason...maybe just people interested in visiting Jacksonville, Florida. 

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