Thursday, March 29

JEA Bill Flyer FAIL - River Clean Up, World Water Day, and a Free Tree

What do World Water Day and St. Johns River Cleanup Day have in common? Both of them were mentioned in my JEA bill flyer that I received on 3/29/2018 and that was billed on 3/23/2018. Actually, an Arbor Day free tree giveaway for Jax was also mentioned, so that's cool. The problem is, since these events had already taken place by the time I got the flyer, I participated in none of the events.

March 22 - World Water Day
I was supposed to learn some simple tips for using less water. I didn't. Matt Damon is probably disappointed in me, but JEA didn't let me know until a full week after the day.

March 24 - St. Johns River Cleanup
JEA says it's a big volunteer event. Great, sign me up. Oh, wait, it happened five days before I got my flyer. Sorry, St. Johns River.

March 24 - Free Tree Giveaway
The official Arbor Day tree giveaway was at the fairgrounds five days before I got my bill. The article says it's a first-come, first-served basis, so maybe there are still some free trees at the fairgrounds. Probably not. And the amount of time and gas for me to get there would probably offset the freeness of the likely tiny tree.

JEA Guest Pay
OK, this one didn't pass, but it's a funny new program that allows other people to pay your JEA bill for you, or for you to pay my bill for me. You just need the account number and Zip Code, and you can pay your neighbor's bills all you want. In fact, to get everyone started, here's my account number ( 6525406077 ), Zip Code ( 32225 ), and a link. Feel free to pay off my JEA bill every time you see an article you like. Actually, here's an article that would allow JAX to save billions of dollars, so I think some politicians ought to be guest paying for me for the next decade. The next time some online scammer tries to hire me with a stolen credit card, maybe I'll ask them to pay off my JEA bill as part of the deal (I'm kidding--if that happens, it wasn't me asking for it). Actually, since this is Florida, I can totally see this anonymous bill paying thing becoming a scam waiting to happen, probably by stealing Grandma's card, paying off a friend's JEA bill, and then having the friend give you an EBT card that you trade for tokens at an internet cafe.

And JEA owes me a sapling.

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