Thursday, March 22

Same Birthday and Football Team = Happy Action Fun Time

I was watching Paternity Court, which is bad enough, but then the woman who was trying to prove the man in court was the man who made her a mommy said that she liked him because they shared a birthday and a favorite football team. Honestly, that might be enough for some people. Here's why it's not.

My wife and I do not share the same birthday. In fact, I never met anyone who told me her birthday that did share the same one. My grandma's birthday is within a week of mine, and even that was kind of annoying. More people at family gatherings cared about her big day than mine, and I have gotten over it at this point, but that does kind of suck for a little kid. If my wife and I shared the same birthday, I could see all kinds of problems, mostly related to who got more attention. Or better gifts. Suddenly, it would go from being my special day to OUR special day, and that's kind of a letdown. By the way, my birthday is November 26th. My wife's is not.

My wife does not care about football. Not the Jags or the Chiefs or the Packers (my team). We could live in Boston and she wouldn't give a rip about the Pats, except she has told me she thinks Tom Brady is hot. In return, I told her his wife is hot, too. It's better that she doesn't care about sports at all than if she were a Bears fan. She's already part Polish, so if she was also a Bears fan, then I'd probably torment her too much. Actually, I have nothing against Poles, just Bears fans.

Anyhow, if you're a hot woman in Jacksonville with a November 26th birthday and are also a Packers fan, too bad for you. I'm not interested. While I'd never find myself on Paternity Court, I'm married, and that's way too much in common for two people who live in the same city not related to Wisconsin.

That said, if your birthday is November 26th and your team is the Green Bay Packers and you live in Jax, contact me. In a city of 1 million or so, that might be possible, but it would be interesting to see.

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