Thursday, March 1

Welcome To JAX - Jury Duty

Hooray for me. It's Jury Duty Season in Jacksonville, and I have received my summons. It's right on the heels of seeing a news report about a guy with autism, the mind of a child, and the propensity for flying off the handle when not at home also getting jury duty. If his mom couldn't get him out of it, I guess I'm pretty well stuck doing my civic duty. While it's a hardship for me and I'm probably a horrible juror, my recent articles on The Second Amendment kind of make me a hypocrite if I try to get out of my civic duty as partially described in the Sixth Amendment.

Last time I got summoned for jury duty, I got out of it because I told the judge and lawyers I was so cynical that I wouldn't want myself on my own jury. I had just been laid off AND abandoned by my union, so I'd say it was my right to be cynical at that point.

I'll probably have to mention this article, which has nothing to do with any specific case, but it does talk about the fact that I'm going in for jury duty, along with my thoughts on doing so. Or the fact that a local lawyer has contacted me about building a website for its firm (though it has not happened yet). However, I'm not really on the list of exempt people:
  • Under 18
  • Not a US citizen
  • Convicted felon
  • Currently under prosecution for a crime
  • Served in the past year
  • Hold the position of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Cabinet Officer, Clerk of Court, or Judge
  • No longer live in Duval County
I would also have a chance of getting out of jury duty if:
  • Preggers
  • 70 or older -- I totally don't get this. My dad sits around and watches Court TV for hours on end, so he's the one who should be serving. 
  • Babysitting my own kid 6 or under
  • Babysitting someone else (incapacitated) without pay  
  • With the PO-lice
Wisconsin would have let me out for work responsibilities, but not here in Florida. I'll get me $15 a day here for not working. Yeehaw. On the plus side, some days I currently make $0 because of he nature of my work, so $15 is more than nothing.

Since I had a family trip planned for the spring break when I was scheduled to get my jury on, I was able to reschedule for September. Honestly, since you could be called each and every year, I'd recommend extending the agony for a few months when you get your summons.

I'll be sure to write more about the experience once it happens. Unless I get convicted of a felony by then. 

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