Thursday, April 19

Fake Starbucks Coupon is Heartbreaking

Someone created a coupon for a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, but it was fake. When you scan the QR code, the N-word pops up on your phone. Supposedly, it was white supremacists, and it's probably idiotic enough to be their work. The surprising part to me was the reactions I saw on the nightly news.

One woman said it was a poor choice of words when she was shown the word. I guess if she still thought it was Starbucks that put the coupon out there, she'd be right. Assuming she knew it was fake, then she probably missed the point. Also, and I just thought of this, the news kept saying there was racial language. Isn't the N-word racist, not racial? Or a racial slur rather than racial language? To me, "racial language" would be Asian or Latino. But I digress.

The other interviewed woman said she was heartbroken that she was not able to save money because the coupon was fake. I kid you not, that's what she was saying. MAYBE her full quote was taken out of context, like she continued to say it was heartbreaking to see racist language in a fake coupon. But I kind of got the impression that it was all about the coffee for this lady, and not getting her free frappuccino broke her heart. Do newscasters even know how bad some people end up looking in interviews? I'm truly heartbroken for that woman.

Actually, I feel for these women, since they were interviewed on their way in to Starbucks (I assume), and they probably hadn't gotten their coffee yet. My wife isn't ready for the day until she has her coffee and then takes her tea with her to work. If you just rolled out of bed and were headed to Starbucks with your free coffee coupon at Starbucks, you'd probably be more heartbroken about not saving money than some mean word hidden on the coupon. That's expensive coffee.

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