Tuesday, April 10

Jacksonville Law Families

Over many years in Milwaukee, it was Gillick, Murphy, Wicht & Prachthauser. 
And Murphy, Gillick, Wicht & Prachthauser
Maybe Gillick, Murphy, Gillick, Wicht, & Practhauser
Or just Murphy, Gillick & Wicht
Then Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf
And Murphy & Prachthauser
But was it ever Gillick, Murphy, Gillick, Wicht, Graf & Prachthauser?
Or Habush, Habush & Davis
Before Habush, Habush, Davis & Rottier
Then Habush, Habush & Rottier 
Changing every couple of years. 

It seems easier here in Jacksonville. The main ads I see here are Morgan & Morgan, Harrell & Harrell, and Farah & Farah. Perhaps the local law firms used to be more diverse. Or maybe we just like family law firms here. 

Morgan and Morgan has 350 lawyers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and it's on the list of top 400 law firms based on size. It's not entirely local to Jax, with it's main office in Orlando. The top 400 list includes lots of partnerships, but only a few other family ones: Howard & Howard, Loeb & Loeb, Stark & Stark, and Stroock & Stroock. It's interesting to note that there are almost no law firms on the list that have more than two main names on the building. That's interesting, but maybe it makes sense. Once you have three or four names up on the billboard, then every lawyer that works for you wants to be part of the action. There are six Morgans who work for Morgan & Morgan, all in Orlando, but the website only shows five Morgans in the photo.

Harrell & Harrell is more local to Jacksonville. It currently has three Harrells working as lawyers with the passing of founder Bill Harrell. There are some other attorneys at the office, but not 350. Farah & Farah has two main Farah's (Eddie and Charlie), as well as a Khalil Farah. There's also a guy there with Farhan as a first name, but that doesn't count. Roughly 50 lawyers. 

Since I don't want to get sued, I'm not going to say anything negative about any lawyers here. I was just making some observations. I hope the Google ad on this page is for one of the law firms mentioned so you can click on it and get me $.05. If the ad is for Ukrainian mail-order brides, then it's because you've been searching for that, so don't blame me, but feel free to click on it.


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