Tuesday, May 8

Why Are So Many People Saying They Got Their Title Back With Title Max?

I understand that there's a market for short-term, high-interest loans. And I know that it's not something anyone wants to have to do. When I first heard the jingle for Title Max, I assumed it was some kind of loan that paid off other title loans so that you'd still have the title to your car somehow. But not really. Getting your title back with Title Max is actually what happens AFTER you pay back the Title Max loan because it is a title loan.

The way this works is you give up the title to your car, get a loan, pay a lot of interest, default on the loan, and lose your car. The good news is that you can keep driving around in your car and look for unlocked cars so that you can steal some handguns or laptops from other cars that are probably also owned by a title loan company.

I think it's interesting that there aren't any Title Max locations in Florida. That makes us lucky, but unlucky folks can probably cross the border into Georgia and sign their cars over. It looks like you have to own your vehicle outright, so at least you can't get a title loan if you still owe another lender for the car.

It's sad that Title Max does not have a list of rates somewhere on the website, at least not somewhere that's easy to find. If you look at the Texas schedule, you can get an idea that these loans are somewhere around 200% APR. You'll have to drive around and steal a lot of guns to pay off your loan. Good luck.

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