Friday, June 22

Moroccan Breeze Needs More Wind to Fly

So I'm stuck in a cheap motel in Orlando that smells like someone used the air conditioner as an ashtray, but I'm still hungry. Almost hangry. And I want to try something new. Maybe Moroccan Breeze. Then again...

Every restaurant, like every business, needs a website. Moroccan Breeze does not seem to have this necessity. It does have excellent Google reviews and an online menu, but not having a website that actually describes the food is a concern for me.
With only 30+ reviews, those could all be coming from family and friends. I've only had Moroccan food a handful of times (once at Epcot), and I'd like to know that the reviews are from a good cross section of people. I know, a website isn't going to fix the lack of reviews, but it will show that the restaurant has possibly been around a while. At least it will show that the owner is all-in when it comes to promotion. Skipping the website makes me think the target audience is locals, including family and friends. That can be good, I'm sure, but am I sure enough to brave rush hour in Orlando for a meal?

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