Thursday, July 12

Why I'm Not Visiting Pitstop Tires

Mostly, I don't like Pitstop Tires' use of Craiglist, making it difficult for me to find legitimate listings by sellers because of saturation of the same ad over and over. The ad that Pitstop uses (over and over) is also an excellent example of why you should pay attention when your English teacher says writing will matter, even if you're more excited about fixing cars or inheriting your parents' business. Some people won't visit your store if you publish an ad like the one below:

We have a wide variety of tire options available for every vechile. Tires are a necessity! Our genetly used, high tread tires are each hand pick to meet our high quailty standord such as a comfortable ride, long-life, depenability, traction and performance in a variety of weather conditions. If for some reason we dont have the size tire needed, we own a local ware-house FULL of tires. We can order the tires, and have it deliver in a jiffy! Our tire techs, are the most fastest and accurate in all of jacksonville. We strive to completly satisfied our customers! FYI: We always have a machinic handy for all those auto-motive needs youve been needing to get done!
I know, mobile devices make writing hard. But this same ad was copied and pasted into several ads for the tire store. At least get your CL ad right once if you're going to use it over and over again. I went to Super Tires instead.

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