Wednesday, September 26

$100,000 Damage From Vandalism

clean up, everybody everywhere
When I saw this story, I felt kind of bad for the owners of the house. I wouldn't want vandals messing up my dream home. Of course, I can't AFFORD my dream home, either, so I guess my empathy kind of ends early on this one. The house will be repaired for $100,000, and it will be very beautiful when it's all done. Looks like it's a $750,000 house, which is an upgrade from the $675,000 house also owned by the same family. But maybe another vacation home? Since there's a $2,000,000 home elsewhere.

Basically, vandals destroyed about 3% of this family's housing. That's terrible, and I hope they are caught. The owner said the suspects "were able to demolish a lot of things out of pure meanness and evil." I think they probably used their hands rather than abstract thought, but I think I understand her point.

Another neighbor had this to say:
When you just have people like that in your neighborhood, and if you bump into them that could be scary.
Probably not as scary as having to live in a house that's only worth about $100,000 total. Like where the vandals came from. Or if this is your only million dollar home, like the neighbor. I just have to wonder how crowded the sidewalks are in this beach community, too. 

I am sure this is not a politically motivated crime. The vandals probably were just disgruntled guys who had worked on the house, not someone who thinks doctors are overpaid. I'm busy trying to fight $10 charges for urine tests at yearly FREE physicals right now, so a doctor with three homes worth millions of dollars seems to pour salt in that wound. 

I suppose this article might do the same for the good doctor and his country club wife. And he's probably a great doctor. I think he'd have to be in order to be that freakin rich, right? Really, I'm not hoping at all that the meanies get away with vandalism, and I'm not saying doctors shouldn't be rich. They should get paid at least as much as public school teachers, and we all know most of those folks are livin the same dream. 

I hope this opinion isn't coming out wrong. I don't want anyone's home (even vacation homes) to be destroyed. It's a crime. But somewhere in my heart I feel like some people are more able to endure the inconvenience than others, assuming someone's house was going to get destroyed by these clowns. I mean, I think vandals would have to pull off the whole second story of my house and toss it into the pond in order to get $100,000 in damage. And then we'd get new carpeting and could reconfigure the bathroom, so maybe my problem is that I secretly want vandals to help me get a few things fixed. It's like my POS cars I've owned and how I leave them unlocked, kind of daring someone to take them off my hands. Then again, I probably can't afford a new car because I have to pay $1500 a month for health insurance to pay doctors who charge my kids for their free physicals.

Quick recap. All of the following are wrong: vandalism, stealing cars, overcharging for healthcare, and telling people how you really feel.

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