Monday, September 17

Getting All Jag'd Up Is A Good Thing

getting all jag'd up
My last name has some similarities to the word Jaguar. In fact, if I went back to teaching in Jacksonville, I might go ahead and call myself Mr. Jaguar. Anyhow, from having this last name, I have realized that there are certain connotative meanings of similar words that might be somewhat negative. Getting all Jag'd up, I think, would qualify, which is why it's an odd combination for some kind of local TV prize pack.

While it might be cool to have moves like Jagger, it's generally not cool to get jag'd up. You don't really want to get jag'd on or off, either.  And you don't want to ride in a jagwagon or even be a jag. A coach might tell his team to stop jaggin around, too.

Honestly, I am all for the Jags and jagging being seen in a positive light here in Jacksonville, since I have to live here. And my kids have to attend high school in the area. It will be good for them if people generally want to get Jag'd up.

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