Tuesday, September 4

Marijunana at Kernan and McCormick

kernan and mccormick east arlington no pot
I drive past Kernan and McCormick several times per week, but I guess I'm not perceptive enough to spot marijuana plants when I speed by them. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 25 of these plants were spotted by a concerned citizen, and the plants were removed. I assume that's not exactly where the story ends.

The news eventually called it a grow operation, which means the police assume this was more than wild marijuana or something that had kept growing since the 70s. I assume there was evidence of a path or tags with growing instructions. Maybe a watering can. Since it was called a small operation, maybe it was just for someone's personal use, and then I'm not too worried about it.
I also wondered about why it was the Florida Highway Patrol that made the bust.
The function of the FHP is to the safety of State Roads, U.S. Highways, and Interstate Highways in Florida.
Florida highway patrol enforces state laws on highways, and McCormick is Highway 116. Growing marijuana probably breaks a state law. I suppose a bigger bust might be a federal case, but I also wonder why it's not a Duval Sheriff issue. Maybe it's all about who gets the call from the concerned citizen.

Lastly, this news story was promoted as a SeeSomethingSaySomething moment of zen. I get it that tips lead to solving crimes, but the crime of car break-ins at Ed Austen Park was also covered during the same newscast. I'm just guessing that most of us would rather some police entity figure out a way to stop vehicle smash and grabs rather than dig up someone's garden. I know, a crime's a crime, but when I hear about cars getting windows smashed and guns disappearing from glove boxes, I guess I assume the local police forces have limited resources. While I welcome the news that there's a few less people who will be driving while baked, I'd welcome news of the capture of car burglars even more.

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