Monday, October 1

1000 Pageviews Per Month

Sure, I have a few articles out there with 1000 views per month all on their own, so a website averaging 1,000 pageviews per month for the first year of New Jax Witty  isn't a complete surprise. Actually, the numbers aren't bad considering I barely know anyone in Jacksonville on Facebook, and I don't even like using social media too much to boost my numbers. Of course, if you read an article on this website that interests you, feel free to share it. But that's about as far as I take the social media pyramid.

The big problem is that I am currently writing for free, in my spare time. I'm trying to get noticed, not just for my writing ability, but also for what I can do with building websites like Grace Lutheran and New Leaf School. And I'm also writing songs and helping a friend sell his invention, renting my house in Wisconsin, selling my lessons from years of teaching, and selling books on Amazon. Other stuff, too. I've tried everything but the get-rich-quick pyramid schemes.

Then again, some of this SEO kind of stuff is just as bad, and I have tried to figure out how to get people to my websites. Granted, it's because I offer something worthwhile to read, but it's also because I'm trying to sell something. The problem with selling ideas rather than products is that I might get $5 for every 1,000 ad views. I assume ad views are similar to pageviews unless I litter the pages with extra ads. If I was selling a product for $5 profit and only 1% of people reading my article bought the item, I'd still make $50 for every 1000 views. And if I was trying to create a downstream for my pyramid...

Basically, I'm trying to sell my talent or real products, and that's much harder than selling dreams. When I sell a website, I tell the clients that it will take hard work from THEM to make the website (and their business) successful. When I sell a book or lesson, it's up to the reader or teacher to get something out of the purchase. If I told you that I could triple your money if you followed my advice, you're more likely to send me your money than if I tell you that my writing will entertain you for ten minutes or that my website will give you more work to do to get it to help you. I've read the materials that promise amazing financial returns, and it's entertainment, for about ten minutes. And then you need something else to really make the system work. Then the next purchase, and so on.

Next time, just skip the line and start your own get-rich school/pyramid scheme. Then you'll have all the time of a retired Baby Boomer to sit around and read my writing, in between golfing and shopping at Evelyn & Arthur. Just don't try to recruit me into your business, unless you can put me right at the top, above you. Then it might be fun. I'm sorry, I meant multi-level marketing. Pyramid schemes are illegal, so don't start one of them.

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