Tuesday, October 16

And Then Blackfinn Ameripub Packer Bar Closes

packers on tv jacksonville
It looks like the best Packer bar in Jacksonville is no longer with us, and it seems to be more about the company than the Packers. From what I can tell, Blackfinn Ameripub has closed its Brookfield, WI, location, as well as one in Clinton Township. Both of those closings were during the summer of 2018, so the company is probably closing down operations all across the board.

I am not sure where that leaves Packer fans. Let me know if the bar down at the Beaches is worth frequenting. I've already given a wings place by my house a chance...maybe one more time. Honestly, any bar out there in Jacksonville might want to give this a go. Wisconsinites routinely drink bars dry when they travel to games out of the state. I assume most bars in Jacksonville would welcome this sort of thing. Actually, any bar looking to add a beer garden and German theme, people from Wisconsin will eat that up, since those type of bars are a real thing up there. Polka bands and everything.

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