Wednesday, November 21

$700,000 Missing From St. Johns Sheriff's Office And Neighbors Didn't Notice

two dollars!
A naughty employee has been accused of stealing $700,000 from the St. Johns Sheriff's Office. And her neighbors didn't notice any crazy spending. What gives? If you stole $700,000, wouldn't all your neighbors know about it? Mine sure would.

Maybe this woman lived in a fancy-pants St. Johns area to begin with, so the house itself might have been beyond her pay grade. OK, it looks like one block from the ocean, but still a house worth less than $500,000 (and apparently now for sale). At the rate she was stealing, she could have had the house paid off a couple of years ago.

Maybe it's drugs or something. I read an article recently that someone was spending $1200 a day to support a drug habit. But that sounds like really overpriced drugs. Our local cops just confiscated 500 pounds of weed that was only worth $15,000, according to the news. Not sure if that's wholesale or retail. To spend $1200 a day on these drugs, you'd be smoking 40 pounds of marijuana per day. I don't think that would be safe.

Maybe she bought all kinds of lottery tickets, hoping to pay the stolen money back and also get a property on the actual beach. Or she was supporting those greyhounds.

It could be all kinds of reasons that this Sheriff's Office employee was facing family financial strain. College for the kids. Cruises. Varicose vein surgery. Kohl's shopping sprees. Maybe it's even medical expenses. It's kind of noble to steal to cure a family member of a debilitating disease. I'd like to believe this money went to a good cause.

Anyhow, I have to say the woman in question is kind of a looker. At least I think that was her, probably a few years back, on a Google+ profile, which I followed because why not? Maybe she'll give me an exclusive interview because I'm her third Google+ follower. I included a photo from the SJO website here because it's funny no one has taken it down yet. Maybe no one knows how to edit the Wordpress content there. Usually, websites get scrubbed really quickly after this kind of embarrassment, so if the image is still here (embedded from the SJO website), it's funny. Actually, it's also kind of ironic that the SJO website itself isn't https secure. Talk to your web developer or contact me. At least I can get the image off the site for you.

Honestly, I'd just want to see her credit card statements. I can only imagine spending an extra $11,000 a month for five years. My neighbors would be like, "Oh, it's just a Ferrari in the driveway. Nothing out of the ordinary there."
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