Wednesday, November 28

How Does Brucelli Sell Online?

Brucelli JAX
As a web designer and small business owner, I'm always interested in ways to promote my brand. As a concerned consumer, I'm worried about my credit cards or bank accounts being assaulted by digital thieves. I was able to consider both when I stopped by the Brucelli marketing website today.

I was on Alignable, trying to make new connections, and I decided to check out Brucelli, a local custom marketing firm. I thought some branded items might be good for the occasional trade show or chance meeting. The website looked older, which isn't terrible, but I was concerned about the lack of https. My browser told me the site was not secure, but I was busy trying to customize pens.

After I placed the items in my cart, the site was still not secure. It wasn't until I decided to checkout that I was redirected to another website that was https. And another domain.

I have to be honest that I've never fully developed a website that can accept payments. I've offered items for sale, linked to Amazon or other sites that sell my items, created shopping cart websites, and made websites that accept payments for membership. But all of my sites also redirect for payment. This makes a lot of sense for small business owners, since it's costly and stressful to be in charge of a website that accepts payments.

The problem, at least today, is with websites that are not considered secure until redirected to the payment site. Many potential customers would leave, even if there's no real reason, well before the final purchase is made.

In many cases, an older site (like Brucelli's) just needs to flip a switch. Some crappy hosting companies will ask for $50 a year for secure sites. But if it saves one order on a shopping site, that's probably worth it. Unless you don't want orders to fall in like raindrops from heaven from the internet.

Just some advice for local JAX businesses thinking about selling online. If you have a login or offer any items for sale on your website, you really have to make sure it's https. I'm here all day if you need me.