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Styx, Poison, Twisted Sister and Whitesnake among many others

Whitesnake - Wacken Open Air 2016-AL1193Andreas Lawen, Fotandi [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
I got my weekly library email from the Jacksonville Public Library trying to get me to buy discounted theater tickets. It's for Rock of Ages, which will be here January 10, 2019 (and maybe some other time in the future). I've seen the movie, and it was fine. I think my wife and I saw some kind of theatrical version at some point, maybe at a high school. It's decent and all, but I just kind of wonder about that "among many others" part of the ad. Here's the full line:
Featuring the music of hit bands such as Styx, Poison, Twisted Sister and Whitesnake among many others.

I clicked on the Learn More button because I really wanted to know who the many others were. I understand that these others might not have the reputation of Whitesnake, but I figured they'd be mentioned in the full description. Nope.

And, just so we're clear, Styx, Poison, Twisted Sister, and Whitesnake will not be in attendance, unless they're in the audience. These will be actor portrayals, but the actors probably sound as good as the original bands at this point, so no big deal there.

According to Wikipedia (my friend), the play uses songs from the following artists:
Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Europe, among other well-known rock bands.
So wait, the library ad left out Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Steve Perry, and Europe in favor of Whitesnake? Also, Whitesnake had albums titled Slide It In, Slip of the Tongue, and Unzipped, but that's beside the point that Whitesnack is not on the same rock plane as Journey or even Steve Perry as a soloist, so what gives? I have to assume those other artists have not allowed marketing with their names, but I don't see why, as long as they're still getting royalties.

But my quest for other artists continued, since even Wikipedia didn't have a simple list for me to copy and paste here. I had to work for it, but here are the rest of the artists that have songs in the play but won't be performing them at the show for you:
Quiet Riot
David Lee Roth
Night Ranger
Mr. Big
Damn Yankees
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
REO Speedwagon

So, I think they're all listed here. Of note is that both Europe and Asia are in. Sorry, South America. Also, Quarterflash? And yes, I said Whitesnack on purpose, but it's funny there are Blackhearts and a Whitesnake. In literal terms, hearts can't be black, not even if you smoke a lot, but snakes that are albinos can be white. And riots are rarely quiet. Enjoy the show.

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