Monday, January 14

Jacksonville Security Cam Feeds

Jacksonville surveillance cam
I was watching the news talk about how we want to avoid school security cams from being hacked. The news also mentioned that a website has posted several security cameras from the Jacksonville area. I felt it was my duty to confirm this information, partially so you don't have to navigate to this website. The IP address of the website, according to another article I read, is linked to Moscow, as in Russia.

It might seem kind of creepy, but there's hope. If you recognize one of these homes or businesses, just tell the owners to change the default password on the IP camera. Keep in mind that there are more than one Jacksonvilles in America, so I did not add the ones from North Carolina or Arkansas.

I can't post the live streams, but if you refresh the image, it's kind of like a live feed. The website that posts these is more about getting ad money than trying to see when you get a delivery, and I don't think they're using the cams to get into your bank accounts. Maybe some people even want their security cams to be available on the website so that anyone can help monitor their homes or businesses. I kind of doubt it, but maybe.

I'm hoping that the images on this page will continue to disappear. That would mean the people went in and changed the passwords. Or the Russian website stopped me from hotlinking the images.
The first one seems to be at Duralite Radiator on Edison.

Here's one that won't embed.
And the one below, too (sometimes works).

That's a total of four from Jax. I was glad to not see my camera on the website.

Just because it's fun remembering, I am also going to provide a couple of cams from my past cities from the website.
Here's a random house in Lenexa, KS

And Milwaukee if it shows up (or at least MKE traffic cams here)

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