Monday, April 29

Discover Kept Us Safe From Skimmers

skimmers at the pump
Right after we got back from a vacation over to Tampa, I got an alert from Discover that my credit card had been used twice in some odd transactions. One seemed to have been approved, while the other was denied. Discover handled the whole situation well, which is better than I've seen with some other cards.

I assume someone had a skimmer at one of the gas stations along the route, since the cards were later used in Ocala. We stopped at one gas station outside of Ocala and another one closer to Tampa--I guess the Shell station in Lutz, FL. That's where the skimmer makes the most sense, assuming that's what happened, since we got gas at the pump the furthest from the store. Maybe it wasn't even a skimmer, and maybe it wasn't from a gas station, but we still had both of our cards in our house and in Jacksonville as purchases were being attempted in Ocala with an actual card.

I am a little disappointed that I don't have a name, photo, police report, or any way to know who tried to steal from me. I hope Discover provided local authorities with enough information to get surveillance photos. I guess it's not really my problem, but I'd hate to see the criminal continue to get away with stealing credit cards. I assume there must be a way to create a physical card that can swipe at gas stations from someone else's card, either from a skimmer or other advanced scamming devices.

Anyhow, I'm not going to complain about Discover. I had another credit card a few years back that wanted to blame me for charges and seemed to imply I was the one who needed to prove some guy from New Mexico was not using my card without my permission. And then blamed me for having an insecure account, saying I would have to pay for the charges next time it happened. Needless to say, I don't have that credit card any longer. Since there are scammers everywhere, including probably around 1,000 skimmers somewhere in Florida, it makes sense to have a credit card that identifies problems and then won't blame the victim.
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