Monday, June 3

Youth Basketball and Volleyball Skills Camps in East Arlington, Intracoastal, Arlington, etc.

You might be looking for a basketball or volleyball skills camp for your kids, or you might be looking how to post the camp your school or organization is putting on. I've got some resources for you either way.

Looking for a Camp
If you're looking for a skills camp for your kids, you can check out the websites of local churches and schools. Those might have listings. If they are updated with news. Remember that not all camps submit their ads to all the calendar listing websites out there, so it might pay to look close to home.

For 2019 check out the Grace Basketball and Volleyball Camps. Grace is conveniently located at Kernan and McCormick in East Arlington. Convenient if it's near you.

Whatever Google Ad shows up on this page might also help you to find the basketball or volleyball camp you're looking for (that's supposed to be what Google Ads do).

Running a Camp
Let's say you're putting on a basketball and/or volleyball camp, and you want exposure. The first thing to do would be to think like someone searching for a camp. They are not really going to show up at your website or drive into your school parking lot. They are going to search using terms like "Jacksonville East Arlington Intracoastal basketball camp." What will come up is a website that has a bunch of camps listed, probably and Maybe even this post. Unlike my site, which is just a blog, the Firstcoastkids and jax4kids sites have a way for you to list your camp. You should do that, since parents not associated with your organization will be looking for camps there. Here's a link to posting your camp. And another. You can pay extra for advertising or just get your camp listed for when parents search. For example, I searched for basketball camps and East Arlington (where I live) and got no camps at all, yet I know there are some here. When I expanded it to include Arlington and Intracoastal, I got two hits. Still not a lot of competition.

I received a camp invite in the mail with a PDF of the camp. You could also create a Google Doc and then update the same (shared) document every year. You can link to it from your website once that way, and the information would always be for the current year. Sure, you should write a new article each year, but the document that explains the camp can be the same forever, with changing dates each year. Even if you don't use Google Docs for the information, using Google Forms can be useful for the signup, but there are other free tools for that, too. If camps are a big business for your organization, then there are some nice paid tools that my Midwest Quarterback Camps client used.

If you're running a soccer camp, football camp, or baseball camp, use the same resources. Remember to pretend you are someone searching for the camp, not someone who already knows all about it. The websites I linked allow you to choose location, including:
Arlington, Beaches/Mayport, Downtown/Riverfront/Southbank, East Arlington, Intracoastal, Nocatee, Northside/Airport, Ponte Vedra Beach, Riverside/Ortega, San Marco, Southside/Mandarin, St. Johns Town Center, Orange Park/Westside, Mobile
Be nice and only post to the area where people would really drive to for your camp.

If you want a website that can at least allow you to add your own content or want to understand how useful Google Docs can be for organizations, contact me.
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