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Request a Quote Option for Jacksonville Businesses

Passive Ninja Web Design JacksonvilleHere's an interesting one, especially since I'm a web designer. Google My Business now allows businesses to turn on messaging, which allows customers to click on a "Request a Quote" button without ever going to the website. It's "Get a Quote" in mobile. For some local Jacksonville businesses (I've seen your websites), this might be an awesome alternative to hiring a professional like me. But it's kind of odd for me to use it, right?

As I read in the article when I learned about the quote-requesting feature, it really doesn't matter whether or not I get traffic to my website if I am getting leads. If some people want to request a quote before they even check out what my own website looks like, so be it. I'd rather a potential client take a look around, but based on the questions I generally receive, I figure there's not a whole lot of research happening before people contact me, anyhow.

What Google wants is for everything to stay on Google. I add images and descriptions. Clients contact me. Then I have to convince clients that a real website still makes sense even if they learned about me through a social media-type page.

I guess the good news is that there are potential clients who might want to hire me to help with the Google My Business profile. It's not complicated, but it takes a bit of effort, and adding images and descriptions end up making it a bit like building your own website. Or Facebook page. The difference is that this profile goes right on Google Maps and has a button for people to request a quote right there. All you need is some 5-star reviews and a location on the map.

I want to stress that you will still want a real website. Maybe Facebook for promo stuff, but a real website makes a difference. The other day, I was directed to a really old and cheap looking GoDaddy website tonight page for a school lunch program. It made the company, which I believe is doing well, look like a startup being run out of a garage somewhere, and I don't want my kids' lunches coming from someone's garage. A Facebook page as a homepage makes it look like you don't even have space in the garage to run the business. And that you don't care about anyone's privacy by proxy.

If you're looking to add a Request a Quote button for your business or a real, manageable website, let me know. It looks like Google will create a website for you based on your My Business's not terrible, really. Here's mine. You can turn it into your own domain, too. Again, it's how much time you have for all this, right? I'm here if you need me.

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