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The Hidden Cost of a Hidden Hills Upgrade

ahh, hidden hills
I took my daughter to a party in Hidden Hills. Nice neighborhood and homes, along with a security guard. So what does the convenience of being in a fancy hood near the Beaches and downtown cost? And what are the hidden costs of Hidden Hills? Just in case we decide to move on up, I decided to do some research.

It looks like the HOA costs $104 per month as of 2019. Three separate homes for sale had this number, which is surprisingly low. This area is gated, and therefore has private roads. It also has tennis courts, RV/boat parking, sauna, club house, playground, game room,  but seemingly no pool.  And I am not sure about basketball or how much it costs to play the golf course that surrounds many homes... it's a public course now, so you just pay when you play. Many
of the homes come with a pool, big driveways, and a lot of space.
We're at $1,248 per year.

Price of Homes
I did not find a huge difference in price per square foot between my own, non-gated East Arlington community and Hidden Hills. That said, homes were still more expensive on average because there are fewer 1,500 square foot homes next to golf fairways. With the golf course going public, you might end up seeing normal, everyday people walking through your back yard on a daily basis. That might bother you more than if all the golfers were country club members. Probably still better than rows of Section 8 housing.
The neighborhood has a nice feel to it. Maybe it feels like money. I've lived in two not-as-wealthy neighborhoods with a similar feel, and it's a small step up from my current block. Subtle, but apparent to someone knows what he's looking for.

A pool and upkeep might be a part of your monetary consideration in Hidden Hills. That's up to $5,000 a year.

Other Expenses
Local public schools would include Landmark and Sandalwood, so that may not impress your impressive set. The area is close to Grace Lutheran through middle school and Providence for high school, but then you'll have to add tuition into your yearly expenses. In St. Johns, the highly-rated schools are free, but you'll have other expenses, including mileage on your car and possible new community fees. Expect to pay $8,000+ per child at a local private school. If you're past having kids in K12 schools, Hidden Hills might be a nice retirement option.
If you are considering the East Arlington/ Intracoastal West part of Jacksonville, make sure that you schedule a showing at a Hidden Hills home (if it's in your price range). I'll be considering the neighborhood when and if I sell my Milwaukee rental, assuming the golf course remains solvent and our main commute stays close to East Arlington.

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