Tuesday, October 6

Is Jacksonville a bad place to live?


I was busy learning about Google Search and people finding my websites when I came across this question on Google, answered by a Quora forum post. That's kind of sad, right? People must ask if Jacksonville is a bad place to live a lot, which is why it ranks high on Google, but the answer comes from some random person's assessment. Since I am also some random person answering, it might as well be me. 

No, Jacksonville is not a bad place to live, relatively speaking.

Sure, there are plenty of negatives that can be associated with a large city, like traffic. Then there's the heat, but that's offset by wonderful winter weather. Most large cities have crime and congestion. Some get really cold in the winter, and others get really hot in the summer. Southern California is hugely popular because it doesn't get too hot or too cold, but even those cities still get traffic and crime.

Jacksonville is in Florida, so you'll get some crazy people, as well as political corruption. It's also just over the boarder from Georgia, so it has a Southern feel to it, and some people will try to remind you that you're in the South when you're in the city. However, with thousands of new residents migrating to Jacksonville yearly, it has kind of shed its Southern roots. 

Jacksonville sometimes seems to be a small town trying to be a big city. Or else a big city trying to stay a small town. Either way, there's a small town feel to it that some people appreciate. The downtown in generally seen as less-than-exciting, and locals prefer some of the surrounding communities, which just adds to how spread out the city can feel. However, if you are willing to drive a little, all of the amenities of other cities also exist in Jacksonville. 

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