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There Was a Time When St. Augustine Stole The Biltmore Ads

there was a time st augustine biltmore
There was a time when I saw an ad for St. Augustine, Florida. It was a simpler time, when none of the other ads were about politicians of ill repute. But it seemed to be a time when St. Augustine had decided to infringe upon the terminology associated with Biltmore. It was last year on local TV.

I saw the St. Augustine ad twice on network television (late 2017, I believe), and it was an obvious lifting of the Biltmore ads I'd seen all the time. You know the ad, wherein we are made privy to this fanciful world where ladies and gentlemen seem to exist and behave a certain way that seems sadly gone most of the time. Yet, it does still exist if you stay in a certain hotel. Maybe one with a hot tub time machine.

The St. Augustine ad seemed to be a send-up of the Biltmore ad. I don't think the idea was to steal it as much as acknowledge we've all seen the other ad around here. But, of course, it was stealing. Brazenly. So the St. Augustine ad was taken off the air very quickly. As in, some lawyers spent last night at the Biltmore and now it's gone. 

I was watching a PBS documentary that said back when Flagler built his St. Augustine hotels and pushed for the railroad to come through Jacksonville rather than terminate there, it ruined tourism in Jacksonville. I'm sure the Biltmore is always watching out for other fancy destinations to pull some kind of stunt that might steal guests away, and if one of those places is going to rip off the exact wording from an ad, then it's pretty obvious. 

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