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Advice From Your Driver: Lawyer Up

jax accident fender-bender damage
I was listening to a lady today as she described her recent car accident. She had a green left turn arrow, but she was hit by someone who seemed to have been disobeying the law. While I think she was being truthful, I also think that she's probably in some trouble if she doesn't lawyer up.

I don't particularly like lawyers. None of us do, I suppose, especially if we're ever on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Which is exactly why this woman needs a lawyer. The police officer on the scene did not issue a citation to the other driver, AND she was driving her friend's car, who is now complaining of back pain. PLUS, she was on the phone, answering INSURANCE COMPANY questions. That's all a recipe for disaster! Why? Read on...

She claims she had a green arrow, which should put her in the category of little to no fault, but if she still had that arrow, the man who hit her should have received a ticket for failure to yield. While she does have two witnesses in her car, that apparently wasn't enough for the responding officer, which means she might need more witnesses. I assume lawyers know how to find these people...I sure don't. I nobody stopped to corroborate her story, then she's suddenly potentially AT FAULT. Or at least 50% liable.

Also, her friend will probably have to sue her if the fault of the other driver isn't established. She just got done giving all the details of the accident to her own or her friend's insurance company. The only people worse than lawyers are insurers. They will work with each other in order to avoid any responsibility or extra payments. This woman should not want to deal with her own or her friend's insurance. On top of all that, her own insurance will probably go way up. That sucks, especially if she wasn't really at fault.

If you get into an accident in Jacksonville, get a lawyer. If it's a fender-bender, at least call the cops and your insurance (I made the mistake of trusting the at-fault party).

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