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1001 Reasons NOT to Build a New Website

Salesmen are good at what they do, and they will tell you that apps are the future or that you can simplify your website. While apps aren't the future, there's some truth to simplifying, but it's at a cost. What I would say is that you should simplify and then have a blog or archive, just in case. Facebook doesn't do this for you. Twitter or Instagram either. Youtube can be useful, but it's not really a great place for people to learn more about your business.

The main problem I have with abandoning a website is that you lose out on possible hits. People might accidentally find your website because of something written on the site, and that's kind of the point, especially if it's something positive, like "best auto dealer in jacksonville" and you happen to be an auto dealer. But even if your site ranks for "2001 Saab 9-5 ignition coil" because you wrote an article about changing one of those, then people get to see why you are one of the best auto dealers in Jax.

When a local school went with a closed website and teacher pages for simplicity, it was interesting to see which search terms that Google had associated with the school, since many of those would now be lost with a more concise website. I'll replace the actual school's name with "salem," since there's a Salem Lutheran School in Jacksonville, Illinois, but you'll get the idea. 1001 search terms over the previous six months, most of which will be gone. These are organic searches based on articles written by staff, and they can be useful. However, most of the search terms on this list did not result in an actual click, so don't think that there are thousands of clicks disappearing. Thousands of impressions, maybe

Here's the list of search terms, many of which will no longer be relevant to the new website:

salem lutheran school
salem lutheran eagles
salem lutheran school jacksonville fl
salem lutheran church
salem lutheran
salem lutheran school jacksonville
salem lutheran jacksonville fl
salem lutheran church and school
salem lutheran church jacksonville fl
salem lutheran church jacksonville florida
salem lutheran school calendar
fast direct salem lutheran school
salem luthern school
handbell choir concerts near me
salem lutheran church jacksonville
salem lutheran school tuition
hot lunch
salem lutheran church school
lutheran school near me
schools near me
vpk voucher
school eatery hot lunch program
pre k
jeannie blaylock first coast news
salem lutheran summer camp
lutheran school
salem lutheran academy
lutheran elementary schools near me
classroom economy middle school
salem lutheran trunk or treat
salem school near me
pre-k school near me
trunk or treat near me
hmh ed
best private schools in jacksonville
soccer school jacksonville
lutheran 7th grade
underwater silhouette painting
lutheran 1st grade
lutheran 6th grade
lutheran 4th grade
lutheran 3rd grade
lutheran 5th grade
lutheran 2nd grade
bahamas clothing
susan petty
lutheran 8th grade
soccer jacksonville fl
cancer awareness activities
art classes jacksonville fl
k9 for warriors
jacksonville basketball
salem school
jacksonville spanish class
schools in jacksonville fl
breast cancer awareness activities for students
color run jacksonville
jacksonville hurricane relief
jacksonville art classes
preschool trikes
art classes in jacksonville florida
art classes in jacksonville fl
sports physicals jacksonville fl
$25 sports physicals
keyboarding class
hot lunch school eatery
summer camp jacksonville fl
silhouettes to paint
vpk jacksonville fl
glassroom builder jacksonville fl
classroom economy
jacksonville russian class
salem schools
best private schools in jacksonville fl
open house jacksonville fl
learn spanish jacksonville fl
playground equipment jacksonville fl
open house in jacksonville fl
abcya math man
school holiday shoppe
team building retreats jacksonville, florida
lutheran flag
ed hmh
jeannie blaylock
nehemiah 8 10 planner 2020
jacksonville florida schools
jacksonville fl schools
hardball creative
ferguson jacksonville fl
summer camps jacksonville fl
first coast news
breast cancer awareness activities
salem lutheran preschool
salem lutheran nursing home
volleyball devotions about teamwork
playground installation jacksonville
k5technologycurriculum com homepage
jacksonville flag football
uniforms jacksonville fl
ferguson jacksonville
apple art preschool
trike a thon
salem lutheran day school
hmh into literature
1st grade educational websites
private school jacksonville fl
learn to read jacksonville
painting classes jacksonville fl
summer school jacksonville fl
i will learn to write but first i need to
vpk jacksonville
lutheran t shirts
salem lutheran school calendar 2019-2020
lutheran salem
hmh field trips
hmh into social studies
florida vpk voucher
jacksonville fl social media
keyboarding classes
fala language academy
church signs jacksonville
fruit splat place value
early learning coalition jacksonville fl
scholastic community helpers
scholastic book finder
salem chapel lutheran school
jacksonville schools
jacksonville fl best schools
summer camp in jacksonville fl
6th grade
eagles jacksonville
stephanie edgar
best preschools in jacksonville fl
uniform store jacksonville fl
gordon popp jacksonville fl
salem english lutheran school
hmh connect
salem lutheran foundation
christian parenting websites
salem lutheran high school
breast cancer awareness month activities
cheerleading jacksonville fl
abcya math lines
lutheran pre-k
abcya fraction fling
hmh ed platform
hosted6 renlearn
abcya math match
school 4 jacksonville fl
fun summer activities jacksonville fl
will learn
abcya learning coins
trinity lutheran school billings
breast cancer jacksonville
music schools in jacksonville fl
summer activities for kids jacksonville fl
lutheran church near me
salem luthern
hmh and ed
into literature hmh
hmh literature
vocabulary workshop practice
basketball summer camp jacksonville fl
jacksonville school
jacksonville christian schools
underwater silhouette art
texas roadhouse jacksonville fl
underwater canvas painting
king of salem lutheran school
epi school supply packs
vpk enrollment
abcya multiplication mine jr
school uniforms jacksonville fl
sadlier grammar workshop
science links 7
hmh into literature login
abcya 2nd grade math man
football summer camp jacksonville fl
lutheran salem before meals
recorder karate dojo
fl treasure hunt
jacksonville florida private schools
salem lutheran kindergarten
cyber 5 abcya
basketball camps jacksonville fl
flag football jacksonville fl
vocabulary workshop 5th grade
lord of salem preschool
ranger rick book club
christian schools in jacksonville fl
classroom economy system
jacksonville school calendar
schools near jacksonville fl
eagle org
lutheran grade school
parent blog
sadlier connect grammar
lutheran church jacksonville fl
early learning coalition jacksonville
texas roadhouse jacksonville
advanced art classes
salem church jacksonville
room recess math quest
florida studies weekly grade 4
jacksonville to bahamas
booster club
handbell performance
abcya cyber 5
volleyball jacksonville fl
cancer awareness activities for students
schools jacksonville fl
school in jacksonville fl
salem community church jacksonville
church schools near me
jacksonville fl to bahamas
media landscapes
salem lutheran preschool san diego
underwater silhouette
salem church jacksonville fl
mathman jr
8th commandment lutheran
soccer near me
salem church arlington
salem basketball
salem lutheran school key west
summer camps in jacksonville fl
lutheran church
pre k 4
texas roadhouse jacksonville fl town center
salem lutheran church arlington
pre-k jacksonville
school physicals jacksonville fl
once upon a time jacksonville fl
flag football jacksonville
mixed media landscapes
school number 4 jacksonville fl
summer camp activities jacksonville fl
pink jacksonville
jacksonville track and field
ladies night jacksonville fl
math man jr
unf grade forgiveness
pretty breast
early learning voucher
jacksonville fl flag
school 4 jacksonville
lutheran books
mobile mammography jacksonville fl
supplies now
pre-kindergarten near me
private schools jacksonville fl
private schools in jacksonville florida
hmh. ed
matika worlds
shepherd of the woods lutheran church pumpkin patch
texas roadhouse town center jacksonville fl
7th grade
pre-k near me
jeannie blaylock daughter
turtle silhouette painting
pre-k in jacksonville
david leimer
basketball jacksonville fl
trunk or treat jacksonville fl
pre k jacksonville fl
abcya feed me fractions
salem lutheran preschool tuition
ptl proud
in the pink jacksonville
kindergarten jacksonville fl
time travel abcya
god surrounds us
5th grade class schedule
hmhco ed
hot lunch program for schools
pep jacksonville
literature circle projects
the bahamas clothing
charlotte's web projects 3rd grade
recorder karate packet
pink jacksonville fl
arts and apples
salem direct
fraction fling abcya
science enrichment program
top private schools in jacksonville fl
abcya telling time
connect ed
camps in jacksonville fl
lutheran schools
school eatery
https www k5technologycurriculum com homepage
lutheran high school
the school of salem
unf music calendar
basketball camp jacksonville fl
my ed hmh
cookout jacksonville fl
early learning coalition jacksonville florida
breast cancer awareness activities for schools
abcya math man jr
basketball jacksonville
salem lutheran chapel
apple preschool art
room recess fractions
painting classes in jacksonville fl
salem community church jacksonville fl
drawing classes jacksonville fl
shalom pacem peace
nature collages
uniform stores in jacksonville fl
hmh ed log in
body odor jokes
jacksonville chords
telling time abcya
scholastic order form
concord university florida
ed hmhco
2nd grade classrooms
lutheran school portal
jacksonville fl summer camps
tanner salem
jacksonville fl website
jacksonville fl school
jacksonville academy
i will learn to read but first i need to
fruit splat coins
in the pink jacksonville fl
hmh into literature grade 7
track and field jacksonville fl
dorian salem
graduation slide
book club jacksonville fl
salem lutheran christian school
salem chapel jacksonville fl
hmh intro to literature
salem lutheran elementary school
jacksonville eagles
underwater drawing pencil
2nd grade classroom expectations
jacksonville country day school calendar
tea room jacksonville fl
amazing salem lutheran preschool
collages in florida
t shirts jacksonville fl
into literature grade 7
learning coins abcya
first coast sports
painting class jacksonville fl
bored in jacksonville fl
religious bitmoji
best private school in jacksonville fl
abcya 400
dance shoes jacksonville fl
report card survey
6th commandment lutheran
praise him in the middle of it
schools in jacksonville florida
socer near me
jacksonville volleyball
piano lessons jacksonville fl
parent teacher conference jokes
abcya typing rocket junior
salem lutheran san diego
school in jacksonville
abcya word search jr
westing game movie cast
family planning jacksonville fl
salem school calendar
new look school uniform
school jacksonville
will learn how
salem lutheren
turn i
salem jax
renlearn 161
salem lutheran church calendar
ashley kowalczyk
hmh my ed
a lasting love relationship quizlet
quarters for kids
snowflakes falling all over town lyrics
fergusons jacksonville fl
multiplication mine
abcya time travel game
fast direct immanuel lutheran school
we will learn
turkey touchdown abcya
ptl computers
psalms 37 niv
salem lutheran church preschool
desiring god parenting
lab rats shirt
scholastic word search
autumn preschool art
praise him in the middle
hmh ed learning
school jacksonville florida
grade forgiveness unf
school in jacksonville florida
second commandment niv
ptl concrete
salem wolff
school hot lunch program
boot camp jacksonville fl
connected social studies
welcome to second grade letter
music school jacksonville fl
crab aquaponics
spelling city fry words
spirit jacksonville
preschool jacksonville
the westing game movie cast
salem jacket
thanksgiving jacksonville fl
private schools in orange park fl
scholastic rhyming dictionary
wels churches in florida
classroom economy money
child of the poor what child is this lyrics
summer camps in jacksonville florida
college planning strategies
leapfrog playground
jacksonville fl private schools
private school jacksonville
silhouettes for painting
school eatery hot lunch
salem lutheran middle school
handbell choir
nlsw 2020
lutheran preschool
uniform sale
salem lutheran church trunk or treat
salem eagles
texas roadhouse town center jacksonville
hosted161 renlearn
connected online textbook
book clubs jacksonville fl
pre-k jacksonville fl
abcya time travel
soc connect
first coast t shirts
jacksonville texas roadhouse
abcya turkey touchdown
salem community church jacksonville florida
salem lutheran after school care
graduation slide show
sadlier grammar
jax school
k9 shirts for sale
salem lutheran calendar
k9for warriors
connect textbook
wild west book fair
lab rats school
texas roadhouse call ahead seating
the holiday shoppe
lutheran elementary school near me
abcya create and build a car
math quest room recess
shepherd of the woods lutheran church
breast cancer activities
soc textbook
spelling bee results
fraction fling
psalm 37 niv
preschool apple art
free sports physicals jacksonville fl
abcya animal lines
texas roadhouse town center
when does school start in jacksonville fl
salem academy matthews
jacksonville fl open house
trinity lutheran church jacksonville fl
art and apples
jacksonville to the bahamas
school uniform store jacksonville fl
salem school tuition
lab rats family
the classroom economy
salem lutheran little rock
art school jacksonville fl
ukulele karate
fl words for kids
8th commandment and meaning
scholastic books order form
scholastic book club returns
summer education programs jacksonville fl
jax to bahamas
rats in school building
color run 2017
resource classes
scholastic book order forms
the life of salem 7th grade
volleyball skills camp
private schools jacksonville florida
dickens fest
underwater art painting
scholastic book flyer
4th grade websites
4 chord song ukulele
will learn about
churches near me
salem lutheran school calendar 2019
salem's near me
pe classes
pe class
congratulations student council
buddy bus jacksonville fl
lcms bahamas
$25 sports physicals near me
texas roadhouse jacksonville town center
hmh eed
bambino scoops
connect online textbook
color run jacksonville fl
ed platform
love surrounds us
submarine spelling practice
k9 for warriors jacksonville
linda sasse
first coast news jacksonville fl
scholastic bookfinder
salem fl
math man junior
activities for breast cancer awareness month
eagles school
grammar spelling and vocabulary
roadhouse jacksonville fl
chick fil a regency
texas roadhouse jacksonville, fl
end of quarter
family fun pack school
ferguson jacksonville florida
scholastic ar books
news for jax app
underwater silhouettes
immanuel lutheran fast direct
jacksonville isee class
fast direct immanuel lutheran
hospital homebound duval county
time travel game abcya
abcya multiplication mine
ptl lodge
7-11 jacksonville fl
florida studies weekly 4th grade
jax flag football
how old is jeannie blaylock
best in town cleaners jacksonville fl
http // assets/science/virtual labs/ls03.html
vocabulary workshop 6th grade
snowflakes falling all over town song
hot lunch login
jacksonville admissions
first cost news
hmhco ed login
salem lutheran nursery school
jacksonville warriors
sam's club teepee
2nd grade scholastic books
christian schools jacksonville fl science
the great global treasure hunt
eagles church
abcya build a car
providence high school jacksonville fl
elc jax fl
canine for warriors
school hot lunch programs
abcya create a car
scholastic readers club
apps jacksonville fl
code promo ptl
matthew 10:28 niv
salem lutheran early childhood
lutheran apps
spring break jacksonville fl
math man abcya
club k9 jacksonville fl
volleyball breast cancer awareness ideas
mother goose chiropractic
faith lutheran church jacksonville il
underwater art drawing
what child is this child of the poor lyrics
silhouettes painting
arlington kindergarten jacksonville fl
field trips jacksonville fl
abcya snail
and that jacksonville fl
dawson school tuition
soccer in jacksonville fl
jacksonville florida flag
free school physicals jacksonville fl
jacksonville fl school calendar
check book order
bethlehem lutheran school calendar
scooter quest place value
salem lutheran milwaukee
lutheran school of nursing
charlotte lutheran school
good schools in jacksonville fl
build a bear jacksonville fl
zentangles artists
hot lunch online login
scholastic book club contact
8th grade memory book
k9 warriors
florida lutheran
martin luther salem
come see where he lay lyrics
bands in jacksonville fl
best churches in jacksonville fl
www eagle org
salem church school calendar
preschool art classes
classroom economy jobs
boggle online classroom
spell lutheran
jacksonville campus
schools in jacksonville
boxtops for your
i will learn to read but first i need to poster
lcms school
missouri synod lutheran church near me
high school fair
lutheran christian school
lutheran schools near me
churches with schools near me
athletic booster club
handbell choir near me
lutheran churches near me
prek 4
math websites for 7th graders
academic awards
connect ed textbook
i will be learning
nearest lutheran church to me
scholastic book club contact number
vbs near me
map testing session
bahamas donations jacksonville fl
glitter salem glue sticks
salem litheran
hnh ed
creative grain jacksonville beach
lutheran churches in jacksonville fl
school near me
pre-kindergarten jacksonville
solar eclipse jacksonville fl
first friday jacksonville
duval county schools hurricane
will learn about the
pre-kindergarten jacksonville fl
sadlier connect spelling
call ahead seating texas roadhouse
first coast news jacksonville
pretty in pink breast cancer awareness
sadlier connect grammar workshop
textbook connect
numbers 23:22 niv
school supply store jacksonville fl
painting silhouettes on canvas
kindergarten show
jacksonville school number 4
jax petty
abcya typing rockets
jacksonville girls basketball
judges 8 niv
homes for sale in jacksonville fl 32225
salem para
jacksonville cheerleading
amos 8 niv
lunchbox jacksonville fl
the retreat jacksonville
pre-kindergarten in jacksonville
happy thanksgiving florida
poetry4kids rhyming dictionary
shepherd of the woods lutheran school grade 5
first grade splash math
2nd grade welcome letter
ducksters florida
splash jacksonville fl
visiter jacksonville
happy thanksgiving salem
church choir rules and expectations
jacksonville instagram
daycare 32225
global treasure hunt
the flower pot jacksonville fl
dating bootcamp jacksonville
matthew 19:6 niv
build a car abcya
penguin chick vocabulary test
dickens on centre
christmas concert jacksonville fl
jacksonville tea room
jacksonville university academic calendar
hmh social studies login
scholastic order forms
abcya mathman
connected textbook
christian schools in jacksonville florida
dickens on centre amelia island
social studies exam review
art with apples
underwater pencil drawing
scholastic pay online
texas roadhouse family night
east arlington jacksonville fl
websites for 4th graders
4th grade welcome letter
tom menke
christian hillman parents
christmas concerts jacksonville fl
trinity lutheran school billings montana
jacksonville chapel
typing rocket junior
dawson eagle band calendar
eighth commandment meaning
singing lessons in jacksonville fl
duval county school calendar
open vbs
wild kratts jacksonville fl
fall festival jacksonville fl
financial planning workshop
math lines abcya
the eagles nest jacksonville fl
global zone08 renaissance
art school jacksonville
abcya math money bingo
matthew 1:21 niv
mrs edgar
volleyball jacksonville
fourth commandment lutheran
bethlehem florida
conference signup
salem lutheran church phone number
science links 5
child find jacksonville
spirit 569
art classes jacksonville
open house in jacksonville
mrs wolff
treasure hunt fl
abc ya math man
best vpk in jacksonville fl
risen with healing in his wings lyrics
eagles nest jacksonville fl
jackson florida news
turkey touchdown
ugliest school uniform
summer camp jacksonville
future in jacksonville fl
genesis 2:24 niv
5th grade joke of the day
lutheran basketball
lutheran shirts
ar book wizard
begins in spanish
salem summer camp
ninth commandment meaning
roy rogers religion
cooking school jacksonville fl
speaking parts
church of our savior jacksonville fl
financial planning jacksonville
salem lutheran early education
adam salem
keyboard connection jacksonville fl
mccormick christmas app
clothing in bahamas
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child of salem 2014
jacksonville university tuition 2019
eagles app
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typetastic review
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buddy spelling
jacksonville athletics
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winter testing
language arts and social studies
elca church near me
escuela cerca de mí
salem church
salem lutheran church service times
salem luthern church
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lutheran churches
luthern church
vpk schools near me
lutheran phone number
st lutheran school
salem food
salem private school
handbells concert
walk in wednesday
what time does school start
winter session
salem church preschool
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k 4
parent resource
church school
handbell choirs near me
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a salem
dukes of hazzard theme song youtube
salem lutheran church near me
pre k 4 near me
church school near me
handbell concert near me
how old is
schools reviews
salem lutheran church lcms
hmh ed\
hot luch
school eatery hot lunch program login
boosters club
church programs near me
closest lutheran church
florida man janurary 8
salem lutheran school staff
hmh ed.
school for 6th grade near me
8th grade schools near me
abcya submarine spelling
hand bell near me
lunch program
my salem
pre-k 4
scholastic build your own safe
7th garde
jacksonville boys basketball
paint a canvas
salem luthern preschool
january 13th
3rd graders
6th gradr
i will learn
and salem
salem lutheran church & school
texas roadhouse town center jax fl
8th grade
unf trunk or treat
k9 warriors jacksonville
161 renlearn
gordon popp jacksonville
autumn learned
literature circle high school
breast cancer walk jacksonville florida
scholastic book club book wizard
home salem
fl treasurehunt
what is a salem note in language arts
breast cancer walk jacksonville fl 2019
macmillanmh science
trunk or treat jacksonville fl 2019
book clubs in jacksonville fl
ferguson near me
social studies midterm 7th grade
8th gra
break even band jacksonville
daniel 10 niv
fala spanish
cookout jacksonville
a symphony of whales test
classroom economy 2nd grade
eagles org
texas roadhouse spirit night
eagles bitmoji
jacksonville to legoland
scholastic books for 5th graders
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dylan layne
salem lutheran college fees
k5technologycurriculum com
wels yearbook 2019
pink october activities
quizlet science 6th grade
fist coast news
helping our brothers out clothing
6th commandment and meaning lutheran
eagles m&ms
hot lunch school program
little kids rock ukulele
creature feature kindergarten 2
jacksonville quarter
basketball in jacksonville fl
jacksonville high school calendar
marvel kahoot
scholastic coin collection books
eagles apps
christmas eve services jacksonville fl
isaiah 6 niv
room recess typing
ss religion
vpk short form
walk by faith not by sight niv
god gave you style and gave you salem
in wednesday
macmillanmh science grade 5
5th grade dance oviedo fl
bernadette teaches music youtube
middle school devotions
scholastic books for 2nd graders
bookfinder scholastic
joy lutheran preschool
parent boot camp
silhouette painting on canvas
splash math grade 2
map test 8th grade
math man jr abcya
scholastic word
songs about jacksonville
what does ptl
big red booster club
epi school packs
la core christian academy jacksonville fl
salem lutheran school winter haven fl
salem school uniforms
lifetouch jacksonville fl
money solvers jacksonville fl
zechariah 1 niv
early learning coalition
salem lutheran school sandy
school uniform sales near me

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