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Coronavirus Family Activity: Start a Blog

make a website during covid-19
Here's a fun family activity that can lead to you going less nuts at home: create a blog. It's really pretty simple, and it could help you hit the ground running after the Covid-19 crisis is over. I'll go through some of the how's and why's here, on my own blog.

Choose something you think you'll want AFTER the pandemic. is already taken by WHO and is being used by IKEA, so just name it for yourself or your business. Or the city you live in. Or the role you have. I recommend just buying the .com with Google rather than choosing some Blogger subdomain and then converting it later, but $12 might be steep for you right now.

Let's keep this simple. Use Blogger. It's pretty easy to get your articles out there, and it's easier than the more fancy systems when it comes to photos, especially if you use Google (Android). You can choose a simple template. Whatever you do, don't think that a Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube page, or app is the same thing as a blog. No one cares about your posts on those formats, at least not for very long. By all means, use them to promote your blog, or create cool YouTube videos and embed them in the blog, but just make the website already.

Write all the time. While you are social distancing, write about anything at all. You can always delete your post about grilling out when you decide to tie the blog into your business later on, but go ahead and write anything during these weird times. Don't get all depressed when no one reads it. Even family members won't tend to actually click on your full articles. Then, eventually, you'll write something that resonates with a bunch of people, like when I asked the simple question of where Ariel Nixon went. I did not intend my blog to be about hot meteorologists, but I'll ride that article until people forget about Ms. Nixon here in JAX.

If you can spend the time off to become the expert in something, then you can start to write articles that will generate a lot of hits. Like if you know when the stock market will bottom out and which stocks to buy, people will read what you have to say. You might have to do real-ish research. If you can make the research and articles about what your business does, then run with it, even if you don't currently own the business. Eventually, you'll move on, and then your online content will still be yours, even if all the information in the article was learned while working for someone else.

Social media is good for promotion. I don't tend to use it. I just try to get my articles indexed with Google in Webmaster Tools. Blogger sites will eventually get indexed and hits, but you can jumpstart it all with Tweets and posts elsewhere. In fact, most of what I've read on the subject says promoting your articles is more important than writing new ones. I think it's all a lot easier if you have good photos and a lot of social media friends. Remember to tag photos properly, too, as those can help send searches your way.
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You can always work on click funnels and marketing later on. For now, get the website started.

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