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LyftUber In-Car Electronic Conversation Starter

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I am not always the best at starting conversations, but I am pretty adept at talking once I get going. That's why I decided to create a slide show for my rideshare vehicle. I'll go through a bit of what I wanted to create and how I ended up getting it done.

My initial idea was to create a photo slideshow, since I was also planning on taking photos of riders' business cards as part of the show. The problem was that I couldn't get Google Photos (or other apps) to do what I wanted. Plus, it's kind of silly to create slides in Google Slides just to turn them into photos. Eventually, I decided to use Slides and then publish to the web with a 10 second delay and loop. I was then able to use an old phone to just cache the web slide player, and then it would play for about 30 minutes without me touching it. All without internet access on an unused device.

I included information about the car, like where the hand sanitizer is located, as well as information about me. I included some photos, as well, and I'll probably keep adding more. Anything to get the riders to ask me something rather than me having to come up with the conversation starter.

Unfortunately, most riders are not the least bit concerned with my slideshow. I'm surprised by that, but maybe it's because they think it's just another ad. Really, my idea started as a community kind of thing, as I wanted to provide a way for riders to exchange business cards while also displaying my own. I've had maybe 1% of my riders say anything, though I have seen maybe 10% of the riders check it out at some point.

With a change in vehicles, I was hoping Android Auto would let me show the slides (or photos) while I drive, but that seems to be too much distraction, so back to the extra device running a Slides slideshow. It's not distracting to me because I don't really look at it, but I'm hoping a bigger screen on a repurposed tablet will entice more riders to check it out.

I had one rider who was impressed with my creation, and we started talking about how it could be a model for in-car ads and whatnot. But I'm sure that would all benefit UberLyft more than the drivers or riders, so I'll stick with my own idea.

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